The Tea Shaker - a new way to brew tea

Hey all, genuine apologies if this is the wrong category; this is about a new piece of tea brewing kit we’re selling called The Tea Shaker

Basically, I am posting this because I think a lot of you will find it pretty cool. We’ve just launched a kind of modern teapot/brewer called The Tea Shaker.

I’ve been using it myself the last 2 months almost exclusively, and it’s pretty cool – the way it works is different from anything else I’ve ever seen out there on the market (there’s a bit of magic going on there), except perhaps a few concept designs.

So anyway, take a look, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Tea Shaker and even better, if you’d try it out and confirm that I’m not the only one crazy enough to love it :)

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teawade said

Very cool. Might give this a try. Definitely looks great and if it works as advertised I don’t see why people wouldn’t love it.

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DaisyChubb said

Wow – it’s gorgeous and so unique! Well done – such an amazing design, and I can definitely see myself trying it one day when I have some room in my teaware budget.

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Sil select said

I’d be willing to try it out to see how well it does. If it works well, then it’d be a great thing for me at work :)

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Maybe I’m missing something viewing the site on my phone, but… I don’t get it!

Okay, I viewed the site on the computer and there was way more info, but something about it still doesn’t click for me haha maybe I’m just clueless!

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It looks super convenient! I can see myself using it to take to rehearsal or somewhere where I’d like a couple of steeps but don’t want to lug around a teapot.

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ChaMei select said

How many oz does it hold? If you don’t shake, how long does gravity take for tea to drip through strainer and how long when you do shake? Do you keep it lid side down until steep is done before you let the brew percolate to the second chamber? I guess the lids aren’t completely leak- proof due to advice not to leave liquid within container while traveling. Is the lip comfortable to drink from, especially as I am commuting and need the tea to not scald as it tips. Plus I may need to open the lid to let it cool to sipping temperature, and I wouldn’t want it to slosh out (I ride a train and a bus). Please review its advantages as a travel tumbler. Oh, and is it easy to rinse out the strainer in the middle? It doesn’t look removable or replaceable.

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momo said

Oh I have to order it. I’m going to be in the middle of nowhere for 5 days for a ‘vacation’ (you can tell how pleased I am about this) in a couple weeks and I definitely need my tea. Hopefully it arrives on time, but this will be absolutely perfect to have there!

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Hey all! Thanks for all the really positive comments :)

@MadelineAlyce don’t worry, that’s most people’s first reaction, including mine! Basically, you put the tea and water in one side, and then you flip it upside-down and you can pour out the tea easily. It works with a bit of ‘magic’ – I’ll get a video out so you can see it in action.

@ChaMei – thanks for questions, hope this answers them: (1) it holds around 200ml / 6oz, (2) If you don’t shake it, the water stays there for about 30 minutes. If you shake it immediately, it’ll take around 1 minute to filter through. (3) It doesn’t leak, but it’s designed as a tea-brewer, not a thermos. You can drink from it, but again, the design is not as a cup, but as a brewing device – the warning is just because I don’t want anyone to mistake it for a thermos and then ruin their laptop or something. (4) The strainer is easy to clean, I’ve never needed to do anything more than a rinse under the tap to completely clean the filter. It’s not removable.

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Am I the only klutz that looks at this and thinks that there’s no way I could walk away from this with a cup of tea and zero burns? Ha!

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Oh,this looks fascinating!

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