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The Featured Reblend For January!

Greetings everyone!

As I mentioned previously, January’s theme was “Retro Candy Shop” – and our Featured Reblend to go along with this theme is:

Candy Shoppe v.2 Tisane – This blend is from my LiberTEAS days, and I call it “v.2” because there are some differences to this versus the original blend. First – I reduced the amount of hibiscus I used in this new v.2 blend, cutting the amount in half of what I used in the original blend. Second – I eliminated the rosehips. One thing I came to realize in my years as a tea reviewer is that I’m not particularly fond of either rosehips or hibiscus – but this blend was an exception because the tart berry-ness of the hibiscus is part of what made this blend so tasty – but I figured that it didn’t need quite so much hibiscus – so I cut it in half – and I like it better like this. I still get a nice, tart berry flavor from the hibiscus, but not so much of the viscous sickly sweet-tart syrup of the herb. With less hibiscus, the other ingredients are able to also shine through.

If you’d like to read my blog post about this blend, click here: https://www.52teas.com/blog/featured-reblend-for-january-2019-candy-shoppe-v2/

January 7 – Strawberry Bon Bon Black Tea

January 14 – Grays Teacake Roasted Kukicha

January 21 – Licorice Rocky Black Tea

January 28 – Acid Drop Green Tea

All of these teas can be purchased here: https://www.52teas.com/this-months-teas/

Other Stuff

Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha has been added to the website!

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My sub box is due for delivery tomorrow! :D

52Teas said

awesome – I look forward to hearing what you think. :)

Can’t wait! I promise not to spoiler the reblended tea.

52Teas said

Thanks – I’ll be putting that up soon – but first I want to give the subscribers and the members of the 52Teas club a crack at those teas before they’re one the website. (one of the benefits of subscribing is that you get to “pre-order” the featured reblend of the month before it’s added to the website where it may potentially sell out before you have a chance to order it.)

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