L. Tremain Tea Steeper

Does anyone have the L. Tremain Tea Steeper? How do you like it?

I am about to order the Golden Moon sampler, and can’t decide if I should get it with the steeper or not. I have a tea for one pot here at work, and it’s adorable, but the cup holds about 6 oz which is a bit too small for my liking. The L. Tremain steeper has a nice 10 oz capacity…

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Something else I must google…not familiar…sorry…

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I tried to google it for reviews, but didn’t come up with much of anything! There are a few positive reviews on the Golden Moon site…

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Marcus said

We used to carry the Forlife steeper mug, but recently switched to L. Tremain. We did this for 3 main reasons

1) The mug itself has a nice curve to it. It is more like a tea cup than a coffee mug (like Forlife). I think that a nice, curved teacup enhances the tea experience. While the L Tremain is not perfect, it is the best we have found for a brew in mug.

2) The Steeping basket is quite large for a brew in mug. It allows the tea to unfurl naturally.

3) When not in use, the top of the mug can be placed upside down on a flat surface and the steeper basket fits in there nicely. This helps a lot with cleanup

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Marcus! It does! I think I am going to get one :) I love the fact that the lid can also double as a place for the steeper basket to rest. I think it will be more streamlined that my tea for one contraption, and I won’t have to buy paper filters anymore.

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