Kiaharii said

Tasting notes with no... note, do they show up?

So I’ve gotten in the habit of logging pretty much all the tea I drink. Which is usually 1-3 different teas everyday. I don’t usually write anything unless they’re new or something changed, etc.

So anyway, back to the question. Do these show up on the dashboard and are they annoying?

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They don’t show up on the dashboard, but they do show up if you go to a person’s specific page.

Kiaharii said

Cool! I didn’t want to pester anybody. :)

No worries! Interestingly enough, until you’ve actually hit ‘go’ on your tasting note, it shows up as a blank note in your profile as well. So like if you’re writing a tasting note, someone could look at your page and see what you were drinking before you even posted it.

Missy and I use this trick so that only one of us actually has to search for a tea. As soon as that happens, we can pull it up from the blank note on the other person’s profile.

Though, it’s useful that we sit two feet away from each other. It would probably be really creepy if you did that to someone else >.>

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