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Free Tea and Cups! (and some Bitterleaf cups for a low price)

Update: CLOSED, all gone!

Hey there Steepsterites, going through my tea stash I’ve found a lot of teas that have been sitting around and not being drunk, and lot’s of tea cups that I haven’t been drinking them out of. I think it’s time that a pass them on to someone that will drink/use them.

The teas and most cups are free (just pay shipping), other than a couple of nice Bitterleaf 1001 series cups which I’m asking $5 each or some kind of trade for. Just message me or comment here which tea/cups you’d like and we can work things out. Cheers!

Pics here:

Here’s what’s available:

Free Teas:

-Teavivre Da Hong Pao oolong : 50g, unopened bag GONE

-Teavivre Organic Tian Mu Yun Wu green: Unopened sample packet, around 6g GONE

-Teavivre Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng green: Unopened sample packet, around 6g GONE

-Teavivre Organic Ming Qian Long Ya green: Unopened sample packet, around 6g GONE

-Teavivre Organic Tian Mu Qing Ding green: Unopened sample packet, around 6g GONE

-Teavivre Superfine Tan Yang Gongfu black tea: Around 40g. Slightly smoky

-Lungfung Brand medium/light roasted TGY oolong: 11×6g packets.

-The Tea Guys Organic Soureni Darjeeling 1st Flush

-Yunnan Sourcing 2017 Imperial Dragon Well green: Around 20g

-Yunnan Sourcing 2018 Honey Aroma Golden Needle black tea: Around 90g. PENDING

-Yunnan Sourcing 2018 Zhu Ye Qing green tea: Around 30g. PENDING

-Yunnan Sourcing 2017 Certified Organic Yunnan Yellow tea: Around 30g

-Teavana Monkey-Picked Oolong: 28g, unopened bag

-Teavana Dragonwell green: 28g unopened bag

-Teavana Jeju Island Korean green: 28g, unopened bag PENDING

-Teavana Gyokuro Imperial green: Around 20g PENDING

-Teavana Silver Needle white: Around 20g

Free Cups:

-Cup 1: Large blue/pink speck cup, holds about 160mL filled to the rim. Was a freebie from a White2Tea order a year or two ago, a Black Friday deal or something like that? TAKEN

-Cup 2: Small Jianshui clay cup, 30mL filled to the rim. I don’t remember I bought it.

-Cup 3: Small and tall, 30mL to the rim. I think this is actually a sake cup, but it works fine for tea.

-Cup Set 1 Two cups, blue rim over brown, 50mL to the rim. From Teaware.House TAKEN

-Cup Set 2 Four cups, tan/brown, 20-40mL, handmade by me (on of my earlier attempts at making gongfu cups), kind of ugly, but I figured I’d offer them just in case anyone wants them. PENDING

-Cup Set 3: Two cups, white/beige/brown swirl, 70mL to the rim, from Teaware.House PENDING

-Cup Set 4: Three cups, purchased at an art show (not “intended” for tea, but food safe), 35-45mL to the rim. TAKEN

-Cup Set 5: Two cups, light blue over tan, 50mL. From Teaware.House

-Cup Set 6: Two cups, small blue drip, 30mL. Might have been from Bitterleaf? TAKEN

-Cup Set 7: Two cups, small green and tan, 25mL. Ordered on Etsy TAKEN

Bitterleaf 1001 Cups ($5 each or maybe a swap) ALL GONE

-Bitterleaf 1001 series cup 1: Purple, 60mL to the rim TAKEN

-Bitterleaf 1001 series cup 2: Mossy green, 50mL to the rim TAKEN

-Bitterleaf 1001 series cup 3: Beige, 60mL to the rim TAKEN

-Two Bitterleaf 1001 series cups: Fiery, 50mL to the rim TAKEN

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tperez said

Update: several people have messaged me, and I’m working way through the messages that I’ve received!

I’m editing the topic with “PENDING” beside the items that I have been messaged about, will change that to “TAKEN” once those are confirmed.

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