What type are you? (A or B)

So I’m back from a week long vacation with some girlfriends. It was fun… but there were some tense moments. See, they are diehard A types and I am mostly a B type personality. Things got to the point where on the last day I lost my cool. The temptation to vent about the goings on is luring me in, but that is not the reason I started this post!
Now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, I am wondering… is there a type of person who is attracted to tea? The fact that we are ALL nerds goes without saying (which I love. Call me proud!) but does that extend to personality type as well?
I am a go with the flow type of person, believing that the best discoveries happen unintentionally and that whatever occurs was meant to be. Sounds wishy washy when I type it out… but that is me… also a Pisces, not that I follow it (though I DO model many of the Piscean characteristics)
So, what say you? are you A or B Type? and how do you relate that to your tea habit? or other hobbies/quirks.

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Interesting topic. I’d say I’m a little bit of a mixed bag. I would say I’m an easy going, go with the flow type of person…not big on making plans, slow to anger, and I like to think I don’t place too much value in things that I feel don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things (academic success/popularity/financial situation). But at the same time I have the stress levels of a Type A, I am very quick to get WAY too stressed out over things like the direction that I feel society is going in, the actions of my country’s government, people’s judgements of me and other things like that I really shouldn’t worry about.

And that’s where tea fits in with me, it is my stress reducer. It provides me with moments of calm. I’m very introverted and I usually prefer solitude over the company of others, and I am also very creative and abstract-minded and I love to just sit by myself and think about things. Tea appeals to the loner in me, the stressed out person in me, and the creative person in me. It provides moments of calm contemplation and creative thoughts and a little bit of an escape from a world that can become too much at times.

Sorry if I’m confusing you, I’m not QUITE sure on the differences between type A and B personalities. It just seemed to me you were looking for sort of a psychological profile of the average tea drinker and I thought I’d throw in my two-cents. :)

omygoodness, you just described me! laid back but quick to stress out…
For me, it’s overpacked schedules and demands on me that stresses me out. I need my down time to process things and like to think things out or emotionally digest them. I wouldn’t say that I am a longer per se but I definitely do better with one on one vs party type situations.
I don’t know why tea appeals to me so much. There just seems to be something very chill about it, and seems to be surrounded by a certain philosophy that I enjoy. Like appreciating the little things. Savouring a cup of tea? well that seems to be the best “little moment”! and definitely de-stresses me as well.
As for the differences, I view type A people as planners, organizers, more comfortable knowing everything that will or has happened etc. type B people, in my mind, like to let things fall as they may and enjoy the ride. I know it’s more complicated than that though!

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I’m BAB or maybe it’s should be ABA? not sure, totaly unpredictable, same as my tea habits, Schizophrenia may have something to do with that tho, unfortunately I am lots of personality types :(

hey there is nothing wrong with that. you are who you are and loving tea, of any kind, only makes you more awesome! :)


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Interesting. Not quite sure what you’re distinguishing as A v. B, but here’s my two cents.

I’m really, really introverted. I’m much happier with myself than with other people. I get stressed really easily when I don’t know what the plan is, but if people change the plan, I will never say anything against it. The best thing I can do in life is make others happy. My own happiness is irrelevant.

I’m very quiet, but passionate about certain topics. Others, I don’t care about. (The current political race? Couldn’t care less. Art programs in high schools? I will talk for hours.)

I need my alone time. I need lots of alone time. Tea helps with that. As does piano, reading, writing, Netflix… fortunately, my roommate and I are both very similar, so we can both not-be-alone but not have to actually interact with other people! I love her to pieces.

I dunno how accurate self-reflections are, but there you go!

I just went into what I think A vs B is above… not sure if that is entirely right but there it is :)
Interesting! maybe I should have also asked about introvert vs extrovert as well. Myself, I’d say I am 20% extro and 80 intro.
Passion… well hey, that just makes me respect a person more! one of the many qualities I look for in a friend or mate.
And YES, alone time is awesome. After being at the cottage with friends alllll week long, I just spent the entire day holed up at home, not spending time with anyone else. Catching up on tv, fb, email, Steepster(!) and of course… the dreaded laundry. I SO needed that… well, not the chores part haha

Right? Being around people, even people I like, takes so much out of me. :)

Wow. I could have written the above to describe myself.
I am very much a introvert ( and to those extroverts out there,no that does not mean that I do not like people,it simply means they drain me and I need time to be alone to recharge before going on to the next social activity)
Like Michelle, I am very passionate about certain things, and very loyal to my close friends and family.
But, I would much rather spend an evening in reading or watching Sherlock and drinking tea,than be out in a club or bar ANY day of the week.
Not quite sure how that answers your question, Indigobloom, since I have no clue if that makes me a type A or B:-)

Exactly! I have no problem hanging out with people, but it takes energy away from me. I have extrovert friends who get super charged up just by being from people, and don’t always “get” it… :)

Also – I love Sherlock. Just saying :)

Michelle: by the end of the work week, I am such a zombie! Friday night, I usually end up chilling at home because I am so exhausted being around people so much.
Hesper June: I’m half and half on going out… I do love hitting a bar or club every once in awhile. The next day of course, I am beat lol. That usually tides me over for a few months, a few weeks in the summer.
Most of my friends claim to be introverts but from my perspective, they are extros. I suppose it depends on the situation. Most 100% extroverted people… well they and I tend not to get along for some reason.
Sherlock… the bbc version? love it!!

Babble said

“Right? Being around people, even people I like, takes so much out of me”

Are you an only child, Michelle? This is how I feel, too! I think the problem is, when I hang out with people, I feel so cognizant of what THEY want to do. Not that my friends are pushy, but they are just THERE, and it takes mental energy for me to consider their needs as well. I can’t just sit and veg for hours on the computer because I’m hanging out with someone else.

Indigo, I am one of those people that calls themselves an introvert but everyone disagrees and says I’m an extrovert. One of their main points is that I talk to strangers very easily. I do this because strangers are fun to talk to and it’s not quite the same as maintaining a lasting friendship – which I’m not as good at. I do value my alone time very much, and at times don’t like doing social things very much like clubs, bars, and parties.

Ninavampi said

I completely identify with your roomate situation! My roomate and I are still in touch and I love her soooo much! She really is everything could ever want in a person! :)

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Azzrian said

HA let me post on this when I am back from my trip and have decent internet access but Ahhhhgggg I wanna be home! Have had some fun but not that social of a person with people who are ALWAYS HYPER social. Would rather sit and talk a little now and then and sip tea quietly while contemplating the view. Why pay to go on an hour tour of a place only to talk the WHOLE time and not hear word ONE of what the tour guide is saying? SIGH Lovely LOVELY people but I am not good with social stuff.
Thank goodness I have my tea.

I hear ya!! the whole go-go-go mentality, I don’t get it. It’s fine if that is what needs to happen for things to get done but some people prefer it that way?! sheesh lol
Have fun on the rest of your trip! hope there are some quiet tea moments :)

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Bonnie said

I’m type O so let me roll up my sleeve! I’m a universal donor! My personality was forced to be A because I was tall (5’9" at age 11) and had boobs (at 11 they were boobs)!
I had to be an A as a single parent! Had to be an A during the civil rights era with a racially blended family. Sometimes we’re A to survive but B inside. I’m a B. Love my alone time!

LOL you are universally cool Bonnie! :P
that makes sense, that your situation molded you to be a certain way. Sounds like it would have been scary, not being a natural “A”!
I know I’d have likely hid in the corner lol

Bonnie said

Oh Indigo! I did try to hide but I was too tall! Dumb teachers would always give me the lead in plays or make me read in assemblies because of my stature! I was forced to model swimwear on a catwalk (horrors) . In highschool I hid to eat lunch alone and a cheerleader found me, was shocked that I was alone and never let that happen again. Forced! Even in my last job I’d go to my car at lunch to be alone for an hour.

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Ninavampi said

I am very much A and very much an extrovert. I love being in the spot light and being in charge. I am a tad bit bossy, but also kind and sometimes overly lenient. As a boss I have been told that I am on the softer side and not intimidating, but still in control.

I tend to get stressed out easily if I don’t know how things are going to turn out. I need to have a plan and clear goals.

I also, strangely, really like alone time to read, think, write, sip tea… An afternoon with my Doggy every once in while is perfect for me.

I tend to get along with people easily, though I only like to have one or two close friends (rather than large groups of friends).

I am an odd tea loving creature, but I like who I am! :)

Babble said

“I tend to get stressed out easily if I don’t know how things are going to turn out. I need to have a plan and clear goals.”

This is very much me. I also don’t do well when I plan and do everything I can do, but a situation still turns out badly.

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StaLLZee said

Very B!

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Babble said

I would say I’m more Type A than B. I like structure, I like plans, and while I can be “go with the flow”, I also like to have an idea of where things are going. If someone else is taking the lead, though, I definitely slip into a Type B mindset, because it’s their problem now (just kidding).

Since I’m an only child, I’m not as good with “working well with others”. I like to do my own thing and either take the lead or be the follower. I’m also very introverted, but do have my extroverted moments here and there.

CupofTree said

I’m the same, minus the extroverted moments, as I am extremely introverted. Also an only child. Interesting topic!

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I’ve done one of those tests before & I was a combination of them.

With people I don’t know very well I am more of an introvert, likely to keep to myself, & stay quiet. With people I know I am more extroverted, more often taken the lead & being outgoing & a little wacky.
I am a go with the flow person & find it tough to stick to a plan & keep with the “rules”. I could plan to take a road trip the same morning that I am to leave. However I loathe change.

I’ve been told I’m bossy (& I probably am a little bit), I’ve also been told I’m opinionated, however I feel I have an opinion about things that matter to me & I am passionate about them, I will listen to what you have to say on the topic, but will not be swayed.

I focus on the here & now & don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. I am terrified of failure & rejection. I get major anxiety & stress out quickly, usually over the small insignificant things. And I am a major worrier.

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hannabling said

I am a B. I don’t want to be in the spotlight and I’m a very laid back person.

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