Butiki Teas 1 Day Sale July 25th. Buy $30 get $10, Buy $60 get $25!!!

Huge One Day Sale Bonanza!!!

Stacy Lim, the owner of Butiki Teas, is celebrating her birthday on July 25th. What better way to celebrate than by offering an exciting one day sale. For all of July 25th we will be offering $10 of free tea of your choice with a purchase of $30.00 of tea or $25 of free tea of your choice with a purchase of $60.00 of tea. Please read all the rules carefully.

The rules:

*Teawares and accessories will not be counted as a ‘tea purchase’ or as ‘free tea’.

*Free shipping offers do not apply, even if a $75 order is made.

*Free samples will not be offered during this sale.

*The initial purchase cannot include items that are currently on sale and cannot include samplers; however, the free teas portion may include sales items at their sales prices. Our current teas on sale include: Mi Xian Black, Flowery Pineapple Oolong, Cider Guayusa and Organic Assam.

*Purchases that qualify for this sale must be made on July 25th Eastern Standard Time.

*The “free tea” must fall within the dollar limit. For example if you purchase $30 in teas, your free teas cannot exceed $10.00, not even by $.25. No exceptions.

*Please let us know what free teas you would like with your order either in the “instructions to seller” section during check out or in a separate email.

*Failure to follow rules may make your purchase ineligible for this offer.

Please note that the office is closed on July 25th and no email confirmations will be sent until the following day. Please allow for 2-4 business days for teas to be shipped out of our office.

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Helena said

oooh this looks good :D I’m not sure what to get but I’ll have to take advantage :)

Thanks! Let us know if you would like some recommendations. :)

Sil select said

Haha helena! I haven’t yet received my first order from them but this IS pretty tempting

Helena said

I haven’t received my first order yet either but I’m not letting it stop me. I won’t be able to buy any more tea until after XMAS though with Birthday and Christmas Money :)

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ChaMei select said

Can we request a sampler pack as part of free tea offer?

The Samplers on this page: http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html aren’t included in the sale, mainly because they already include a significant discount. Since the Explore Kenya doesn’t offer a discount but offers smaller portions of expensive teas, that you could choose for the free tea or as part of the purchase. The other samplers can still be ordered in the initial purchase but will not count towards the free tea. If you would just like a sample of certain teas as part of the free tea order, we could do that. Just let us know how many grams of specific teas you would like and we can get back to you with how much that would be towards your free tea.

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momo said

Since I just got my order yesterday, it’s way too soon to order more just yet, but I wanted to say…
Happy (slightly early) birthday!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Helena said

Happy Birthday to Stacy! I know I said on facebook and such already but it never hurts to say it again :D

Thanks Helena! :)

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Scott B said

Happy Birthday, Stacy!

Thanks Scott! :)

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Happy Birthday Stacy!

Thank you! :)

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A very happy birthday! :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

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