Your Favorite Teas!

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IdentiTEA said

All-Time Favorite Tea: Gyokuro by Adagio
Favorite Black: Ceylon Sonata by Adagio
Favorite Oolong: Ti Kuan Yin by Adagio
Favorite Green: Dragon Well by ??? (Sorry, can’t remember the name of the company)
Favorite White: Silver Needle by Adagio
Favorite Herbal: Chamomile Citrus by Mighty Leaf
Favorite Tea Company: Too hard to choose…
Favorite Tea Accessory (Pot, Kettle, Infuser, etc.): Gaiwan, particularly my blue dragon gaiwan from the Red Blossom Tea Company

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Tyler said

All-Time Favorite Tea: DragonWell
Favorite Black: Any Makaibari 1st Flush Darjeeling
Favorite Oolong: Wuyi Oolong by Rishi
Favorite Green: DragonWell by Rishi
Favorite White: Either White goji blossom by Art of Tea OR 1000 Cranes by Teas Etc.
Favorite Herbal: Egyptian Chamomile by Art of Tea
Favorite Tea Company: Rishi
Favorite Tea Accessory (Pot, Kettle, Infuser, etc.): Cast Iron Teapot

Cofftea said

I’ve coined dragonwell “the tea I can’t kill” cuz I can get 12-22 infusions from one portion of leaves.

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For the most part, my “favorites” tends to fluctuate depending upon what I happen to have on hand, and what time of year it is… etc. But, these are teas that I try to keep on hand at all times.

All-Time Favorite Tea: Chocolate Rose Romance from LiberTEAS
Favorite Black: Dawn from the Simple Leaf
Favorite Oolong: Ali Shan (Prefer spring or fall harvest) from Norbu
Favorite Green: Jasmine Pearls followed very closely by No. 8 Mao Feng Shui from Steven Smith Teamaker
Favorite White: Jasmine Silver Needles from Rishi Tea
Favorite Herbal: Meadow Nocturne from LiberTEAS
Favorite Tea Company: OK… so I have to say me until I’m completely closed. so ~ LiberTEAS!
Favorite Tea Accessory (Pot, Kettle, Infuser, etc.): My two indispensable “accessories” are my electric kettle and my smart brewing device, although I don’t really consider them accessories, I consider them necessities. (I guess, I interpret the word accessories to mean a non-essential item to my tea brewing) So, my favorite non-essential accessory would probably be my frothing wand, or maybe my chawan.


Favorite Rooibos: Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana from 52 Teas
Favorite Iced Tea: Thai Iced Tea (although I would never say no to an iced bubble tea) and I can make a reasonable substitute using the Thai Tea Black blend from Teavana (although I’d like to state that I dislike listing any tea from Teavana as a favorite tea)
Favorite type of tea leaf: Yellow
Favorite Chai: Masterpiece Chai from LiberTEAS

and I think I’d also like to add “Favorite Earl Grey” also, because I drink Earl Grey rather often…

Favorite Earl Grey: Earl Grey from Lupicia, followed very closely by No. 55 Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamaker, and of course, Earl Grey Creme from LiberTEAS.

Lori said

Dawn is my favorite black tea as well!

Lori said

oh and I also dread when I have to give Teavana “props” too…

Cofftea said

That’s nothing… Salada has a bagged tea I quite love. Now there’s nothing wrong with cheap bagged tea for some people- it’s just quite amazing that I personally like it so much. Sweet Oolong Revolution is yummy:)

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I’m in the same boat as you, no real favorites yet, but i’m trying to get there! It’s really interesting to see what everyone else likes though!!

As of right now though…

Favorite Oolong: Da Hong Pao [Harney & Sons]. So delicious every time and makes my body happy.

Favorite White: Frutto Bianco Pearls [Teavana] such a forgiving tea in terms of steeping parameters, good iced or hot, and has enough flavor without sweetening. With a splash of peach rooibos it’s great too! I feel like Golden Moon’s white persian melon has the ability to become my new favorite, but I need to spend more time drinking it.

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Caitlin said

I don’t have favorites in all categories either – some favorites are oxford breakfast, republic red chai, moroccan mint, and Earl grey creme … I also love these little glass tea cups I have from art of tea.

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All-Time Favorite Tea: Irish Breakfast
Favorite Black: Currently, Dawn by the Simple Leaf
Favorite Oolong: Orange U Slim (but really any dark oolongs are great)
Favorite Green: Genmaicha, for sure
Favorite White: Dr. Tea’s White Pineapple Coconut
Favorite Herbal: Summer Romance by Tea Gschwendner
Favorite Tea Company: Don’t currently have one
Favorite Tea Accessory (Pot, Kettle, Infuser, etc.): Chatsford 2 cup teapot

Favorite Tea Type: Black – plain, flavored, and blends
Favorite Chai: Republic of Tea – Bengal Green Chai
Favorite Dessert Tea: Florence by Harney and Sons
Favorite Mate Blend: Malted ChocoMate from 52teas

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