Direct from Grower Tea Subscription Presales Almost Closed

Hawaii startup, Tealet, is launching a bi-monthly curated tea subscription service on Indiegogo. Contributions are rewarded with perks which include various levels of membership to its inaugural Global Tea Taster subscription service. Visit here to learn more and contribute:

Below are perks for the different levels of contribution:

$10 – Join our community and Jane and I will personally thank you, and more than likely pour you a cup of tea the next time I see you. Also, we’ll add your name to our “Tea Friends” page which will be displayed on Tealet after launch!

$25 – Join our Global Tea Taster’s Club and get prelaunch access to our inaugural tea curation program. We will ship one month’s subscription (75g – yields about 75 cups) to your door. *For all contributions made after July 23, 2012 GTT shipments will be sent in October

$60 – Enjoy 3 different selections of Tealet teas direct from the grower and take advantage of a discounted rate ($5 savings per shipment). Also, we’ll add your name to our “Tea Friends” page.

$100 – Receive 6 shipments of GTT teas from around the world starting in August 2012. This is a great way to explore, learn, and determine your favorite teas ($8 savings per shipment). Also, we’ll add your name to our “Tea Friends” page.

$200 – Join our GTT Club for a year and share it with a friend (6 shipments for each of you). This is also great for the office.

$500 – Enjoy your GTT teas throughout the year with the best tea service utensils Japan has to offer. We are currently sourcing handmade kyusus (ceramic teapots) from Tokoname along with tea cups and a few other treats. These world renowned kyusus can usually only be purchased in Japan, but we will be sending them directly to your door.

$3,500 – You want to experience tea on the farm in HAWAI‘I! See what’s brewing in the Hawai‘i Grown Tea industry with all your senses and meet growers that are producing some of the world’s most premier teas. This includes roundtrip flight (coach) to and from Hilo, Hawai‘i from the same airport (US destinations only), three nights stay at a 4-star hotel, personal tea farm tours at a variety of tea gardens, and an opportunity to learn with your own hands how tea is grown and processed. This is any tea lovers dream vacation.

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