Help!! I Need A Recommendation For A Quality Tea Merchant!

After hours of research on the Steepster website last year, I finally identified what I thought would be a great resource for quality oolong, green and white teas. TeaVivre is the vendor I was delighted to find. Unfortunately, due to their user-surly website, I went through prolonged AGONY last fall to successfully purchase just two teas. This was after several email exchanges with Mary at TeaVivre. PayPal is the only payment method I am willing to use and I had some issues completing the payment processing. Now I am ready to order some more teas from TeaVivre and I am having even more problems. Even though I received an order confirmation from TeaVivre after several attempts to complete the order and payment, I received an email from Mary telling me the actual PayPal payment was never received. I called my bank this morning and there was no PayPal transaction received by my bank. I called PayPal today and they told me that I had made four attempts to pay TeaVivre and all four payments that PayPal sent to TeaVivre were rejected by TeaVivre. I really love TeaVivre’s teas. However, if I can’t receive them, I can’t enjoy them! Does anyone have a recommendation for another quality tea vendor? I am so frustrated and so out of patience. This is NOT what tea should be about! Any recommendations are appreciated!

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I highly recommend:
Harney & Sons:


Silk Road Teas:

Red Blossom:

Upton Tea Imports:

Blodeuyn, Thanks so much!!! I just now checked out Silk Road Teas and their teas look really nice. I will also check out the other sources you suggested. Merci!

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I can recommend Teasenz, they’re also based in China. Also have a look at this page with an overview of all tea coupon codes available for a list of vendors:

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I don’t know why you’re having issues with Paypal and Teavivre. I never did. But Paypal recently became more strict with things, so maybe that is part of the problem. Teavivre is always willing to work any problems out.

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Lumpkin said

Do you like Chinese tea? I also like Chinese tea. Every time I drink tea, it makes me feel happy. So I am also happy to provide you with some suppliers.
I have some good shops to recommend to you.

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