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WtFGoD said

i do see where your coming from, but i dont think that chart is a good representation.

“what do the best people drink?” -Really????

“what words do you associate with tea/coffee?” seems accurate ..granted more could be added to either side(maybe we would choose more fitting words)

“which drink makes a better co-worker/employee?” i think coffee being the majority is pretty accurate, as coffee has more caffeine – gives more energy for work/socializing professionally.

i feel tea is often seen as a peripheral beverage rather than a daily staple, simply because people see it in the context of
– old english ladies properly dressed sipping tea out of little floral tea cups –
-or an asian person in a dress/kimono? sitting on the floor drinking with two hands -
and the way they see it relating to them most is “iced teas” filled with sugar bought premade. also i think overall tea is more of a niche market simply because its not a utility drink like coffee/alcohol – energy/intoxication and its not an addicting or super sweet drink like sodas packed with caffeine or juices.

to get tea into the mainstream its going to need to be seen widely as socializing drink or a relaxing drink, how is another question.

An astute reply! Thank you. While the central question “What do the best people drink” could, undoubtedly, be revised. The curious issue is why the data is so skewed toward coffee (poorly-worded questions aside).

And you are perfectly accurate with the additional associations you made. “Old people” and “tea time” came up in the data set as well—just not in the top 50 percentile.

Pekoe said

I find that if someone is a tea drinker, they tend to be quite awesome….

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Personally, I think coffee is DISGUSTING and would never swap my beloved tea out for it! Tea drinkers unite! ;)

Cheers to that. It isn’t as much the hatred for coffee that spurs us—but that coffee has become a sort of “default” for American’s looking for a drink.

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I predict that tea will become the new coffee! At least in the US.

We can only hope :-)

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Lynxiebrat said

I can’t drink coffee for various reasons, so I feel lucky that I missed the becoming addicted to it. I would love it if tea were to become as popular as coffee, especially loose leaf. Though I don’t wish for coffee to become unpopular…I know many coffee drinkers, so not going to wish something like that.

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