52teas NEW Website

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I don’t notice much difference; what am I missing?! :-x

DaisyChubb said

Is the website still dark and black? Try clearing your cookies for just the 52 teas website, it’s white now! :D

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inguna said

Certainly an improvement.

I hope you will not get angry with me if I would suggest a few simple changes that would in my opinion improve it even more:

• the top menu is hard to read – not enough contrast between the green and the text.
• the two green colors – logo and the menu clash; try 455303 or 635D1E instead
• don’t use the gradient at both ends of the top menu- that down not look good.
• secure payments at the bottom is way too large

text “our story” and “Limited …. Artisan Teas” is messed up in both Safari and FireFox.
Meaning there is not enough vertical spacing between the text lines.

Anyway, good job!

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It does look very nice, Frank… but shouldn’t it be Drink your heart out?

It also seems to load quicker and cleaner on my touchpad as well. The only bit of annoyance on the tablet now is that little social media bar. I wonder if it would be better anchored to the top? Hard to say, and I don’t really have an eye for design, so feel free to ignore this completely :)

That social media bar can be minimized. There is an X in the top right corner.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and ideas. :)

Yeah, I just have fat fingers and hit the facebook button first ;)

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ashmanra said

I almost ordered last week, but had a little trouble with the web page. It was much easier after all your hard work! Got my order in now!

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I liked the design, and the pictures are really well taken. I must improve the design of my blog too, it’s really bad, lol.

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Missy said

Kudos! I really like that it loads faster now and feels cleaner. Your old site got a little wonky when I zoomed in and this one does not. Score! I can now buy tea with out glasses. :D

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