What do YOU want to see happen next?

Well 15% coupon is gone, free shipping for orders under $30 is gone (samples however are never gone :). Thanks to everyone who supported us and thank you for all your reviews and feedback. So what now? Well we want to hear from you, our fellow Steeptster, what would you like to see next? We are taking ideas on promotions, improvements, new products, inclusions, likes and dislike, and anything you would like to see from the Persimmon Tree.

Mind you, we don’t always get what we want but we will sure try!

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Any and All NEW products…new flavor combos…fun and creative names for your teas and tisanes are always great and I’m extremely interested in that! :)

New products are in the works, pretty exciting. Hopefully we can get those up and ready to go SOON.

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I’d love to try some new flavored mates!

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darby select said

I’d love more flavored jasmine teas and something with lavender

I second this.

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Adeline said

I’d love to have the option of paying less in order to buy tea packaged in a bag rather than a tin. Particularly since I can very easily see myself buying some of them multiple times and not needing more tins!

Ooh I like this suggestion!

This is actually a pretty popular request. Will definitely consider that option :)

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Overall very happy with all the teas I’ve tried so far from you guys!

I’d love to see more mate blends! mmm.. mate! Maybe more pu-erh and oolongs.

Also curious what the “downloadable products” thing is going to be.

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Azzrian said

The ability to combine codes. I have a code for a free tin of tea for taking one of your surveys however it could not be combined with the percent off code you had offered. Then I got a pop up to Facebook or Tweet about a tea which is a WONDERFUL feature and thank you for that however the code did not work (got an error message that the code was not valid) when I tried to enter it – nor would it stack had I wanted to stack it. Looks like I can no longer use the code for the pop up either.
You offer Great features and offers you have for loyal customers – thank you!
I am excited about the new blends coming!

Sil select said

Agree on the Facebook pop up thing. Happened to me as well, error message etc..

Wow… we definitely have a lot to work on. Thanks for sticking with us. Could you please send an email to [email protected] with the coupon code and we will take a look at it for you.

Azzrian said

Sorry I have no idea what it was now – it came up as a pop up and I copied it and then pasted it when I went to place an order and it was not valid. Then I got busy with work and never copied it elsewhere. I guess I was expecting something to be emailed to me with the code in it.
No problem sticking with you – well worth it! :)

Sil select said

I didn’t take note of it since it didn’t work. I also figured that the pop up would eventually happen again heh. Hope you get the bugs figured out! It’s a neat feature

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Scott B said

A Chili Papaya tea!

Some packing material of some kind in shipping boxes. I have a decent-sized ding in one of my tea tins and a smaller dent in the lid of another one.

Azzrian said

Indeed a Chili Papaya tea would be amazing!

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Babble said

I filled out your survey, but never got the code for free tea. :(.. Should I have gotten it by now?

could you please email us to [email protected] about this so we can check your email in our database and make sure you receive your coupon.

Thank you.

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Fellow Steepster our Facebook share coupon is something we have recently implemented and as you may have noticed there are some hiccups. We appreciate your patience and will make sure we work on perfecting the process.

On a positive note, thanks to everyone for sharing your ideas and thoughts about new products and features. We most certainly will consider them as we move forward. :)

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