Just For Fun - TOP 10 in Steepster Cupboard?

Go to your Steepster Cupboard – Sort by Rating – What are your current Top 10 Teas via Steepster Ratings/Listing?

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Starting with 1 – ending with 10

Blue Unicorn – Shanti Tea
Matcha Sendo – Camellia Sinensis
Green Matcha – Pure Matcha
Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin – Verdant Tea
Black Tea Merlot – Vintage Tea Works
Darjeeling Avongrove Dj-160 Organic – Camellia Sinensis
SFO24 Guricha (Tamaryokucha) B – from Ureshiro Saga – Chado Tea House
Mandala Tea Phatty Cake – Mandala Tea
Bailin Gongfu Black – Teavivre
SororiTEA Sisters Special Blend – Blends For Friends

What are yours?

teapot1 said

Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin – Verdant Tea
I believe this is the tea in my try five pack that I LOVED. They don’t have it for sale on their website…Does anyone know what’s up with that??? I’m guessing “Autumn” is the key to the answer, but that makes me sad!

Dexter said

I’m showing that it’s still for sale. Here’s the link:

teapot1 said

Hey Dexter3657, You’re awesome because I can’t find it on the site, but your link works perfectly!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!

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Azzrian said

Excellent Thread Idea! :)
Actually my highest rated items are not tea but here are my top 10 TEAS
Laoshan Black – Verdant
Almond Cookie – Joy’s Teaspoon
Black Pearl – Mandala Tea
Lady Londonderry – English Tea Store
Cantaloupe and Cream – Butiki Teas
Sakura Sencha – Den’s Tea
SBT: Neapolitan Ice Cream – 52Teas
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea – Teavivre
Forest Berry Silver Needle – 52Teas
Champagne Rosé – Lupicia

I have a lot however that are rated the same – just not coming up in the top 10.

yssah said

hmmm…that’s funny. not teas? rated the same but not showing up in top 10?

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Strawberry Sunset – Ovation teas
Golden Monkey Black Tea – Teavivre
Ginger Ale Bai Mu Dan – 52Teas
Cherry Cheesecake Gen Mai Cha – 52teas
Northern Lights – DAVIDsTEA
Gunpowder Green – Teavivre
Moroccan Mint – MarketSpice
Season’s Pick Earl Grey Creme Vanilla – Upton Tea Imports
Cookie – Lupicia
Peppermint Leaf, Organic – Mountain Rose Herbs

Yeah, I think I stand by all of those. If this went to 11, I might think about changing the rating on that one, it hasn’t aged very well, hahaha.

Azzrian said

Strawberry Sunset you say … checking that out!
AH yes indeed I remember this one! Your custom blend! Nice.

Yeah, I’ve been working on trying to make that on my own, but organic freeze dried strawberries don’t seem to infuse flavor as well as I had hoped.

Dylan: to get flavor into tea leaves, you need to actually use flavored oils. Freeze dried fruit will only provide a small amount of flavor but will certainly add some visual interest to the dry leaf.

Thanks Liberteas :)

I had read that the dried fruit was basically just decoration, but I wasn’t quite sure how much so. Plus, I’ve only seen a few things that really get into how to apply flavor to your own tea/herbs… it seems like more of a production than I can get into yet… but I have some ideas :)

Ideas are definitely the place to start, and it is fun to come up with the different flavors – some of mine were more successful than others – but the process was still fun. I miss it sometimes, but not enough to get in to it again.

Now I just need a really tiny spray bottle and a bingo machine…

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Looking at this, some of mine are high rated due to sentimental value or memories. 5 of them are chocolatey, lol!

Cherry Blossom – DAVIDsTEA
Chocolate Orange (Oh Christmas Treat) – DAVIDsTEA (reminds me of xmas with my dad)
Chocolate Rocket – DAVIDsTEA
The Skinny – DAVIDsTEA (tastes like my fav tea I was raised on, but better)
Lover’s Cup – Silver Leaf Tea (story about me and my husband regarding this tea)
Check Mate – DAVIDsTEA
Coconut Cacao – The Persimmon Tree (new favorite!)
Goji Pop – DAVIDsTEA (I had to rank it high because one time I woke up at 2am craving this tea)
Southern Belle – DAVIDsTEA
Bon Bon – ESP Emporium

Rougex said

Hi There – which of your suggestions would you recommend for a newbie who loves strong flavors? Do you sweeten your teas or use …. gasp ….. milk/cream?? I have tried bothways and I am unsure on my palate. Can you tell I am new to tea?

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Alphakitty said

Tamarind Pop – Butiki
Bangkok – H&S
Coconut Pouchong – GMT
Sun & Cloud Mist – 52teas
Cantaloupe & Cream – Butiki
Cotton Candy Black – 52teas
Earl Grey Cheesecake – 52teas
Cream Earl Grey White – Culinary Teas
Paris – H&S
Bailin Gongfu Black – Teavivre

I think I stand by that list, definitely some of my very-favorite teas.

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The first is a 99. All the rest have 98s, and incidentally, after the first 10 they are 97s. But since I’ve recently found I could drink Earl Grey Creme every day, I might have to change the rating to a 99. Also, I’m only including six because many of the others are too good to not also name. But this isn’t really taking into account the teas I loved that I DON’T have in my cupboard! And the list also reminds me of all the tea I have yet to try!

SpecialTeas Vienna Winter Green – absolute favorite
SpecialTeas – Earl Grey de La Creme
Element Tea – Creme Earl Grey
Fusion Teas – Pistachio Lime Mate
Harney & Sons – Hot Cinnamon Sunset
Joy’s Teaspoon – Almond Cookie

Edited to add: I’d have to adjust ratings to include these:
Butiki – Peach Oolong (or really any of their oolongs)
ESP Emporium – Strawberry Lemon Basil Rooibos

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I don’t have many teas in my cupboard at the moment, I tend to drink up my best ones haha, so I’ll post my top ten rated!

Cashew Turtle – 52teas
Genmaicha – DavidsTea
Caramel Matcha – Red Leaf Tea
Laoshan White – Verdant Tea
Pumpkin Chai – DavidsTea
Alpine Punch – DavidsTea
Tropicalia – DavidsTea
Laoshan Apothecary Green – Verdant Tea
Strawberry Oolong – Butiki Teas
Cantaloupe & Cream – Butiki Teas

Yay what an assortment of tea companies! It’s clear that even in my new love of straight teas (mostly from Verdant), my love will lies with the prospect of dessert in a cup. I’m certainly not judging – my tastebuds are happy!

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Ninavampi said

From “lowest” to “highest”, here they go:
*Pumpkin Cheesecake- 52teas
*Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong- Teavivre
*Traditional Green Style Dong Ding Oolong- Fong Mong Tea
*Guanabana- Adagio
*Muscat- Lupicia
*Birthday Tea- Adagio
*Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea Golden Tip- Teavivre
*Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing)- Teavivre
*Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish- 52teas

Super interesting 10 teas if I may say so myself! :)

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From highest to lowest:

-Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea – Teavivre
-Eight Treasures Yabao – Verdant
-Yunnan White Jasmine – Verdant
-Ancient Emerald Lily – Rishi
-Silver Needle King – Shang
-White Tea Wu-long Premium – Shang
-Gardens of Anxi – Verdant
-Autumn Laoshan Green – Verdant
-1500m Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green – Life in Teacup
-White Peony King – Shang

Id have to say these are still pretty accurate to my tastes. Greens, whites, and jasmines all the way!

The Silver Buds Yababo from Verdant had the same rating as the White Peony King from Shang but was listed just under the Peony. I would say that I prefer the Yabao over the White Peony King though.

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Rellybob said

From highest to lowest:
Yunnan White Jasmine- Verdant
Dragonwell Style Laoshan Green: Autumn Harvest- Verdant
Source Mountain Ben Shan Competition Grade- Silk Road Teas
One Bush Oolong (Wu Dong Dan Cong) – Silk Road Teas
Genmaicha – Silk Road Teas
Gardens of Anxi- Verdant
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea- Teavivre
Golden Monkey – Silk Road Teas
Dragonwell (Lung Ching) – Silk Road Teas
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (flavored)- Teavivre

I only have tea from a few companies, as you can see. :P

Maybe… but you have teas from some excellent companies.

I totally agree with Liberteas! These are excellent companies :)

Rellybob said

I do like the teas I have, I just really want to try out so many more companies! 52 teas and whispering pines especially.

Ohhh please try meeee! I’ve got a big sale going on right now, too :) http://steepster.com/discuss/5101-oh-dear-dot-dot-dot-freetea-dot-dot-dot-not-again-equals-d

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