Just For Fun - TOP 10 in Steepster Cupboard?

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These are teas that I happen to have on hand, and not necessarily my top all-time favorites. But, they’d certainly be up there in my all-time favorites, somewhere.

Anyhow, starting from 1 and ending with 10:

Ancient Yellow Buds from Rishi
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea from Teavivre
Golden Monkey from Teas Etc.*
Alishan Shi Zhao from T-Oolong Tea*
Cotton Candy Black Tea from 52Teas
Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong from Townshend’s Tea
Caramel Matcha from Red Leaf Tea
Green Tea Sauvignon from Vintage TeaWorks
Premium Jasmine Oolong from Driftwood Tea
Meng Ding Snow Bud (Xue Ya) from Life in Teacup

Now that I have typed that all out, I am not sure that I have all of these… the ones that I’m not sure that I have in my stash at the moment are denoted with an asterisk (*)

Just out of curiosity, I went to my ratings log to find out what my top 10 were. They are, from 1 to 10:

1. Earl Grey Tea-Infused Chocolate Truffle from Arbor Teas (this one probably doesn’t count, since it’s not actually a tea, but, I’m still mentioning it, if for no other reason than to remind myself to order these when they come available again)
2. Earl Grey Excelsior from Tealicious Tea Company
3. Tuna Melt Green Tea from 52Teas (giggle)
4. Farm Fresh Huoshan Yellow Bud from Chi of Tea
5. Anne’s Creative Cup from Mad Pots of Tea
6. Hu Shan Yellow Buds from Harney & Sons
7. Ancient Yellow Buds from Rishi Tea
8. Golden Fleece from Verdant Tea
9. Alishan Shi Zhao from T-Oolong Tea
10. LiberTEAS Tomato, Basil & Black Pepper Tea from 52Teas

sigh I only have a couple of them in my cupboard. Oh well, not that I don’t have plenty of tea to keep me occupied.

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Mojito Raspberry Mint- Teaopia
Peppermint- Teaopia
Wild Strawberry- Tea & Bloom
Berry Healthy- Tea & Bloom
Lemon Mango- Tea & Bloom
Cranberry Orange Spice- Tea & Bloom
Monkey Fart- 52Teas
Pumpkin Chai- DAVIDsTEA
Pom Power- DAVIDsTEA
Licorice Spice Blend- Tea & Bloom

I love how half my top 10 are from my local tea house.
Also looking back I would say Pumpkin Chai & Pom Power should be up higher on that list.

Great to see some Tea & Bloom’s on lists :) Woot!

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Bonnie said

Part of my criteria is this: What would I want to drink every day forever. The ‘List’ is Not in order of Preference:

Laoshan White- Verdant
Laoshan Black- Verdant
Xingyang 1998 Golden Leaf Shu Pu’er- Verdant
Golden Fleece- Verdant
Bailin Gongfu Black- Teavivre
Organic Blue Nettle- Butiki Tea
China Lapsang Souchong- Happy Lucky’s Tea House (culinary use)
Silver Buds Yabao Pu’er- Verdant
Wild Purple Buds Pu-erh- Butiki Tea
Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin- Verdant

I know, all (but one) are from Verdant and Butiki Tea. I have a few private reserve tea’s but they are not for sale so I didn’t list them.
I have really changed my preferences from my stock of flavored tea’s to naturally flavored or unflavored with a few exceptions. I’ll drink flavored tea’s but less often.

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I thought that the difference between my highest rated top 10 and my current cupboard top 10 so I’m posting both.

From highest to lowest, here is my all-time top 10:
*Marco Polo- Mariage Freres
*Emperor’s Red – Premium Steap
*Saint Isaac’s Blend- Upton
*Honey Orchid Black – Golden Moon
*Red Dragon – Adagio
*Rosy Earl Grey – Teas Etc
*Neapolitan Honeybush – 52teas
*Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast – 52teas
*Paris – Harney and Sons
*Masterpiece Chai – Liber Teas

And here is my current cupboard top 10, from highest to lowest:
*English Toffee Matcha – Red Leaf Tea
*Cran-Fig Cheesecake – Ovation Tea Custom Blend
*Sugar Caramel Oolong – Golden Moon
*Butterbeer – 52teas
*Raspberry Truffle – Butiki
*Masala Chai – Rishi
*Raspberry Truffle Matcha – Red Leaf Tea
*Custard-filled Maple Long John Honeybush – 52teas
*Earl Grey Creme Vanilla – Upton
*Jasmine Pearl – Rishi

Azzrian said

Yeah I noticed a difference in the two lists on mine as well – they were close but not the same.

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I’m afraid all 10 (12) of mine are from Verdant and 3 of them are their Shu’s (I can’t help it I’m always blown away), so I listed 5 others below that were close. I’m still looking for my ideal Oriental Beauty, Milk Oolong and Lapsang Souchong.

Laoshan Black
Peacock Village 2004 Shu
Gardens of Anxi, Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin
Eight Treasure Yabao, Silver Buds Yabao
Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets
Laoshan White
Wuyi Mountain Big Red Robe
2006 Twin Elephants Tea Trail Commemorative Shu
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle Cake
Taiwanese Orchid Oolong

Tinderet Estate Silver Tips- Upton Imports
Sticky Rice Pu-erh Tuocha- Chicago Tea Garden
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea- Teavirve
Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong- Fong Mong
Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon- Upton Imports

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K S said

My list, 6 of them are Teavivre which doesn’t surprise me at all.

97 Bailin Gongfu Black Tea, Teavivre
96 Peach & Apricot Green Tea, Empire Tea Services
96 Ti Kuan Yin, Empire Tea Services
95 Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea (Mo Li Yin Zhen), Teavivre
95 Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, Fong Mong Tea
95 Coconut Pouchong, Golden Moon Tea
95 Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green, Teavivre
95 Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (flavored), Teavivre
95 Earl Grey, Utopia Tea
93 Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea, Teavivre

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I reread this question for clarity…teas in my steepster cupboard and many I no longer have since I finished them, with three or four on the list I currently have from recent purchase.

Question posed: Top Ten Tea’s in Steepster cupboard

China Classic Oolong by Foojoy
Roasted Kukicha by New Mexico Tea Company
Pink Christmas by The American Tea Room
Sencha Shinrikyu (sampler) by The Tao of Tea
2011 Spring “Shi Ru” AAA+ Wuyi Chinese Oolong by China Cha Dao
Hobee’s Cinnamon Orange Tea by Hobee’s Restaurants
Pearl Soy Milk Green Tea by Kikkoman
Matcha Tea Ceremony by Stash Tea
Ceylon Silver Stripped by The Tao of Tea
Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori

Top Ten Tea’s in my home cupboard, more accurate of what I actually have. These teas are in my steepster cupboard as well. I clean my home cupboard twice this year(since involve with steepster.com)but I don’t remove the teas from my steepster cupboard as I prefer to let the count tabulate…too much info as usual.

—Pure Spring Green Tea (Bilo Chun) by In Nature
—Slim Lotus Tea (he ye cha) by In Nature
—Green Tea & Blackcurrant by London Fruit & Herb Company
—Indar Tea Bags by Ets Indar
—Flavoured Apple Tea by Princess Noori
—Earl Grey by Akbar
—Senna Herbal Tea by Hemani
—Ruby Red Chai (Organic spiced Rooibos) by Trader Joe’s
—Açai Green Tea (Superfruit Tea) by The Republic of Tea
—100% Natural Green Tea by Market Basket

I am poor, so teas are store bought and I try to order inexpensive teas when I can. I can’t keep doing this. It has no meaning. I mean I am learning to dislike things I use to enjoy.

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Funny, my top ten list has some teas that I did not expect to see! I had to delete some because they were rated high with special exceptions… like getting me well when I was sick.
Anyhow, here are my top rated:
1. Midsummer Peach (Decaf) Tsaa 100
2. Sweet Temptation from Tsaa 100
3. Ceylon OP Classic Dimbula from Teaopia 100
4. Organic Strawberry White from DAVIDsTEA 97
5. Whisky White from DAVIDsTEA 97
6. Coconut Oolong from The Spice and Tea Exchange 96
7. Rainbow Rooibos from Tealish 96
8. Milk Oolong from American Tea Room 96
9. Silver Needle from Tao Tea Leaf 96
10. Pancake Breakfast Black Tea from 96

and my current top ten:
Strawberry White by Davids Tea
Whisky White by Davids Tea
Coconut Oolong by Spice and Tea Exchange (don’t actually have any at the moment but I plan to buy more eventually!)
Sweet Temptation by Tsaa
Queen Catherine by Harney and Sons
Strawberry by Pippins
Darjeeling by Spice and Tea Exchange
Sugar Destroyer Matcha by Red Leaf
White Peony by Tea Emporium
Assam Banasphatty by Teaopia (not in cupboard yet! but it will be soon I hope)

Funny, this list is different still than my top ten fave overall. I mean, I would have a pu-erh in there and a few oolongs if that was the case. They are oddly missing from my cupboard now!

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Jillian said

My current top ten are:

Coconut Cream Banana – Murchie’s Tea
Luscious Watermelon – Davids Tea
Buttered Rum – Davids Tea
Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha – 52Teas
Tropical Explosion White Tea – 52Teas
Spicy Chocolate Truffle – TeaQuent Stop
Coincidence Noire – THE O DOR
Pumpkin Chai – Davids Tea
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea – 52Teas
Almond Green Tea – Kusmi Tea

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Adeline said

Since my current number is small to the point that the top ten rated would include about half “good but not great” teas, I went with my top ten ever:

97 – Sakura Sencha – Den’s Tea
93 – Auntie’s Pumpkin Pie – Tea for All Reasons
93 – Sencha Fuka-midori – Den’s Tea
93 – Fukamushi-Sencha Yame – Den’s Tea
92 – Midsummer Night’s Dream – DavidsTea
91 – Sencha – The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
91 – Almond Cookie – SpecialTeas
90 – Peachberry Jasmine Sutra – Teavana
90 – Rainbow Sherbert – 52Teas
90 – Candy Cane Lane – Celestial Seasonings

…I like sencha.

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