Just For Fun - TOP 10 in Steepster Cupboard?

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tigress_al said

What a fun thread!! Neat lists everybody, such variety!

100- Flowery Pineapple Oolong- Butiki Teas
100- Premium Jasmine Pearls Green Tea- Teavivre
98- Creamy Earl Grey- my local Cuppa’T Specialty Teas
98- Chocolate Orange- DAVIDsTEA
98- Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea- Teavivre
97- Cataloupe&Cream- Butiki Teas
97- Pumpkin Chai- DAVIDsTEA
96- Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea- Teavivre
96- Coconut Cream Pie- 52teas
96- Blueberry Jam- DAVIDsTEA

My all-time favs that are not in my cupboard at the moment include:
Forever Nuts- DAVIDsTEA
Truffle Black- Cuppa’T Specialty Teas
Quangzhou Milk Oolong- DAVIDsTEA
Buttercream- DAVIDsTEA

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Coconut Pouchong – Golden Moon Tea
Strawberry Matcha – Red Leaf Tea
Strawberry & Vanilla – Lupicia
Thai Ice Tea Mix – Por Kwan
Chai Bora Supreme – Chai Bora ltd
Pina Colada Honeybush – 52teas
Peppermint – Adagio
Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong Tea (Tie Kuan Yin) – Teavivre
Rooibos Vanilla – Adagio
Amaretto Matcha – Red Leaf Tea

Wow… I’m a bit surprised about my top 10! I think some were sentimental, but I noticed a theme of strawberries, vanilla, and tropical flavors.

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Cavocorax said

Coconut Oolong – Zen Tea
Cocomint Cream – DAVIDsTEA
Cotton Candy Black Tea – 52teas
Mother’s Little Helper (organic) – DAVIDsTEA
Korean Sejak – DAVIDsTEA
Coconut Oolong -DAVIDsTEA
Hot Cinnamon Spice – Harney & Sons
Laoshan Black -Verdant Tea
Phoenix Pearl -Zen Tea
Pumpkin Chai -DAVIDsTEA

That’s it – unmodified. I’m surprised – so much coconut! Also, I didn’t realize I’d rated Cotton Candy THAT highly!

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Dinosara said

Huh, I never posted on this thread. Maybe I was out of the country. Anyway, here’s the top 10 in my cupboard:

Tower of London Blend – Harney & Sons
Tan Yang Gongfu Golden Tips – Yong Sheng Tea Industries
Mr. He’s 1st Picking Laoshan Black – Verdant Tea (Special)
Gardens of Anxi – Verdant Tea
Paris – Harney & Sons
Bi Family Top Grade Anxi Gande Tieguanyin – Verdant Tea (Special)
Golden Fleece – Verdant Tea
Macaron Mangue Jasmin – Dammann Freres
Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea – Teavivre
Boston Blend – Harney & Sons

Although Boston Blend happens to be the alphabetically first tea with a 97 rating and there are a ton with 97s on there, so that last one could be any number of different teas.

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1. S’mores- Della Terra
2. Birthday Cake- DAVIDs
3. Cocomint Cream- DAVIDs
4. Cookie Dough- DAVIDs
5. Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake- 52teas
6. Red Velvet Cake- DAVIDs
7. Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish- 52teas
8. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie- Della Terra
9. Eight Candles- Della Terra
10. Pancake Breakfast- 52teas

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Emily M said

1. Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black – Butiki
2. Blue Beauty – Teasource
3. Yunnan Beauty – Mandala
4. Watermelon Xylophone – Butiki
5. Quangzhou Milk Oolong – DavidsTea
6. Da Yu Ling Oolong – Butiki
7. Mi Xian Black – Butiki
8. Quangzhou Milk Oolong – Whistling Kettle
9. Pomegranate Blackberry Shou Mei – 52Teas
10. White Tip Formosa Fancy – Whistling Kettle

I have yet to try all of my Teavivre samples, so this will probably change. As it stands now, this seems a pretty good representation of my favorites.

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teataku said

Haha, this reminds me of those memes on FB that tell you to fill out the names of the first 10 friends that show up on your profile. xD

Mine are:
Emerald Bamboo Forest – Teavana
Cha Yen Thai – Teavana
Ciao Amaretto – Metropolitan Tea Company
Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls – Teavivre
Pineapple Oolong – Lupicia
Sunny Slopes – Highland Coffees
Grapefruit Green – Lupicia
Ceylon – Mountain Rose Herbs
French Spice Quartet – Teavana
Pomegranate Oolong – Harney & Sons

… Apparently I rate fruit teas very highly. xD

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graceatblb said

I didn’t think picking my favorite teas would be difficult but it was, of course. The list ended up being 25 teas so of course I had to whittle it down.

1. Special Dark-Mandala Tea
2. Yong De Organic-Mandala Tea
3. Laoshan Black-Verdant Tea
4. Coffee Pu’er-Davids Tea
5. Phatty Cake-Mandala
6. Milk Oolong-Mandala Tea
7. Apres Ski-Davids Tea
8. Zhai Zi Po-Mandala Tea
9. Chocolate Chili Chai-Davids Tea
10. Anxi Fo Shou-Verdant Tea
11. Killer Vanilla-Butiki-bonus

Some favs not in the cupboard now because I drank’em are Wild Monk from Mandala, Ceylon Star from Davids, Big Red Robe Dark Roast from Mandala, Noble Mark from Mandala and others that are escaping my uncaffeinated brain right now.

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Ellen said

Pure Heart Alishan – Asha Tea House
Wu Yi Shan Phoenix Oolong 2011 Early Spring – Tea Trekker
Man Tang Xiang – Tea Trekker
Ten Year Aged Tieguanyin (Light Oxidation) – Verdant Tea Reserve Club
Longyuanhao Yiwu Limited Pressing 2006 – Verdant Tea Reserve Club
Xue Lan Xiang (Snow Orchid) Dan Cong Oolong 2009 – Seven Cups
Hawaiian Paradise – The Green Tea House
Dong Ding Oolong – Zhi Tea
Muscat Oolong – Lupicia

Not in Cupboard:
Lemongrass Genmaicha Chai – Yogic Chai

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Nitoo6of6 said

My top 10 :p

All rated at 97
Pistachio Ice Cream—Butiki
Anxi Fo Shou—Verdant Tea
Wu Yi Ji Lan Shui Shin—Aroma Tea House
Earl Grey Cream—Tea Time
Creamy Eggnog—Butiki
Monkey Picked Tieguanyin Oolong—Aroma Tea House

All rated at 96
Pear Spice Naturally flavoured Rooibos—Tea Time
Soursop—Tea Time
Kaamba Kenya—Tea Time

Rated at 95
Decaf Orange Spice—Tea Time

The one that didn’t make it in that should be in here is the Milk Oolong from Bayswater Tea Company it should be in the batch rated at “97”. I checked my log and I never gave this a rating so I fixed it and now it resides where it belongs as one of my favourite teas!

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