36-hour sale! Starting RIGHT NOW!

Over at Whispering Pines Tea Company, I’m doing a 36-hour only special!

Buy 3 ounces or more of any blend and you’ll get an extra ounce free! :)
This applies to all blends and there are no limitations other than the time!

For example, you can order 3 ounces of Campfire Blend and 3 ounces of Jasmine Coconut Green Tea and you will get an extra ounce of EACH of those blends, free!

Ends Monday at 11:59pm CST. Enjoy!


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Also, the sample sale is still in effect AND every 3rd order will still receive a free ounce of gunpowder green tea!

Kiaharii said

How long is the sample sale going to last?

Not too sure, yet. It’s still getting a pretty good response, so at least another week. :)

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I am waiting for my sample ordered to get here. Until then, good luck with this current sale.

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