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Saryn said

I love the flavors. And chilling out with a hot mug of tea and a good book. I find it helps me focus when I’m having trouble replying to a RP thread. I also figure it’s healthier than carbonated drinks, even if I do add sugar to my tea.

I also like going to tea parlors and eating tiny, delicious treats and sandwiches.

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It makes me look cool?


Seriously, I drink tea for the health benefits, the taste, and the sense of calm I get everytime I take a sip. AND it makes me look cool. Lol

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tigress_al said

I drink it to wake me up, help me sleep, and to remove unhealthy options (like too much juice) from my diet. And to give myself something to enjoy everyday.

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Lynxiebrat said

Terrific everyone! lol overall I’m glad that my 1st thread that I started on this site worked out well.

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hannabling said

It’s healthy.
It’s calming.
It’s alertness and energy (Guayusa, Mate).
It’s affordable (Bagged tea).
It can be the first or last beverage of the day.
It can be drunk hot or cold or room temperature
It can be plain or with sugar, milk, honey.
If you collect tea, you have a choice and variety
It can be a long tea ceremony or simply putting a bag into some water.
Its portable.

It is about Geography, countries, and far away exotic places (China, Japan, Argentina, India) that I may or may never get to travel in my lifetime (sugar mommas – please hook me up) but your taste buds can.

It’s about BIG Tea companies (like Lipton) with headquarters in NJ that make you want to work there.
Its about small Tea companies (like RUNA) that makes you want to find out more about the company, or the good stuff they are doing for the environment or making a difference in a rainforest.

Its about going to Starbucks to use a bathroom, get your free tall hot water, sugar and milk and using your own tea to be a cheapster steepster.

Its about steeping tea until it no longer can give back any flavor.
Its about hoarding and having a 4 year home supply (just in case the world ends)
Its about your bladder to see how many cups you drink untill you have to go.
Its about swapping your tea with someone else.
Its about finding something new you like.

Angrboda said

I thought this comment was made of win. :)

Alphakitty said

In case of an apocalypse, I am also well stocked on tea. Take that, zombies!

Helena said

well bag teas can help get a person started, and then they learn all about the good stuff :D


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Lynxiebrat said

It’s how I started. Started in my mid to late teens, Chamomile because of cramps. Then when they Ginkgo Biloba craze started, I got some of the tea for that….though it was horrible, nasty tasting. Hehehe. Truthfully I hadn’t really tried a lot of loose tea before this past April, and hadn’t considered even considered it outside of a coffee/tea shop til then ethier. I wish I had though!

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I just like the taste, to be honest. I don’t think tea has any healthy benefits on me.

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Pekoe said

its a lot better than snacking, like if i want a chocolate bar I have flavours of roobois, stuff like that.

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Sare said

I have loved tea since I lived in England, I have always loved the thought of having friends over for afternoon tea with Scones and Clotted cream, or When having guest over to my home Saying " Oh I just put the kettle on would you like a spot of tea? " then sitting down at the table or in the drawing room for a lovely conversation. it may be old fashion but its what makes me smile :) And whats Nice is I have a sister in law I will be able to do this with :), other then that I drink tea when I am watching tv, Reading a book and my favorite cross stitching :)

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