Nick said

Who would like a free half pound of "Sakura Allure"?

Back around January when I still worked at Teavana I bought a half pound of Sakura Allure (flavored green tea) to start making iced. I honestly grew tired of taste when I started making it work and ended up not even drinking any of it that I had at home. So, instead of letting the tea go to waste, I was curious if any tea lovers would like to try it, it’s been sealed in a half pound Teavana tin as well so it’s still fresh. In exchange, I’d love to try maybe a sample of a green, black, oolong or some sort of chai. If you’re interested, send me a message and we can figure out how to do this.

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tunes&tea said
Hey Nick.I actually started writing you a response to the response you sent me,but sooo tired I kept losing the message so gave up.Will try after I wake.I’m not much for greens(least what I’ve tried anyway),but I got…dunno 6ozs of an oolong and 6 of dan cong cha.goin to asian market this week so who knows what I will get.I will keep you informed.

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