A thread for discussing favourite TV shows and the tea you drink while watching :D

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BBC’s Sherlock
Doctor Who
Primeval (Canadian Primeval will be coming…)
Being Human (UK version)
Criminal Minds
The Vampire Diaries

Just to name a few :D

Azzrian said

HUmm I wonder what the UK version of Being Human is like. Your list has a few of my favorites on it!

I’ve seen the US version and well it was okay at first I didn’t like it after awhile. BBC’s Being Human has 4 seasons and hopefully the 5th will come soon :D

Sherlock’s fantastic. But we need season three… :)

mrmopar said

primeval is cool!

I actually tried to watch the UK version of Being Human after seeing the first season of the US version, and I couldn’t get into it. Still haven’t caught the second season of Sherlock, sadly… :(

A lot of people have trouble if they’ve seen the US version first so your not alone there. I just think the UK one (which came first) makes more sense to me. My major dissappoint with the second season of Being Human US was Sally… I liked her a lot in the first season and then she fell flat. Annie was much better characterwise and only grew stronger/more loveable.

I hear you, Sally was a lot more awesome in the first season.

Michelle there is a season three, I episode one came out like last week!

There’s 3 episodes of season 3 BBC Sherlock out. I’ve watched them all and they were great!


At the end of the last episode of season 3 after the credits roll we find out Moriarty is back or at least it looks that way.

Could have lived without the spoiler U_U but anyway as far as I keep seeing there was only 1 episode. where did you see three?

Nevermind. Just realized we have two more Sundays for new episodes to air in the US.

It’s not a complete spoiler since everyone who has read the books knows Moriarty comes back after they supposedly died at the falls. Most people stop watching once the credits roll so this was for those people. (I would’ve stopped too but BBC said there was a surprise after credits)

I haven’t read the books…

good thing I didn’t give you the other spoiler then, one that isn’t even the books that I can recall. It’s also revealed in the 3rd episode

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CupofTree said

I don’t have or want a TV but I do watch things online, and right now I’m watching Out of the Wild, a documentary about people surviving in Alaska, which is quite fitting for hot tea while watching them in freezing temperatures lol. I haven’t seen any of the shows you mentioned, but I’d have to say my favorite tv shows with tea have to be BBC’s Merlin, and the Avatar series. The type of tea changes, although Avatar must be enjoyed with Jasmine seeing as one of the main characters is always talking about and making Jasmine tea :)

Avatar rocked and it’s on Canadian Netflix (which is where I watched it) there’s another Avatar series out… but I haven’t seen it yet :D

Bonnie said

I like out of the wild too and the iceroad truckers and the one about the rescue guy’s out of Sitka and Kodiak Alaska on the Weather Channel.

CupofTree said

oh man don’t bother with the new Avatar, its awful. :(

CupofTree said

yay for Alaska :) Kodiak Alaska on the weather channel sounds nice.

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KallieBoo! said

I LOVE watching Survivorman while drinking tea. Mostly pu-erhs and oolongs :]

CupofTree said

Looked it up, that sounds interesting! I love learning about wilderness survival. Seems like he goes everywhere.

KallieBoo! said

Yeah he has been some cool places. He gets pretty creative on how to use basic supplies to survive. He has a new show called Beyond Survival.
“Les Stroud journeys the globe to unearth the secrets of how remote indigenous tribes have survived in the wild for thousands of years in his groundbreaking new series Les Stroud Beyond Survival. "
It’s a really cool show if you’re into survival stuff!

Azzrian said

Love these shows!

CupofTree said

Just watched the first two episodes of Survivorman where he’s in Canada’s Boreal Forests and the Arizona desert. He is pretty awesome. I love how he voices his care for the environment and leaves each area undisturbed and says to NOT cut trees down only if you absolutely need to for survival. I love how he teaches you about plants to eat instead of animals as well. Good show :)

KallieBoo! said

Yes :] I admire the respect he has for the animals and environment. There is an episode where he takes some sled dogs with him that’s pretty cool. I’m surprised he could keep them under control. I never could do that haha not enough patience.

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Erika M. said

Recently, I’ve been watching One Tree Hill while drinking tea.

One Tree Hill is a great show :D Every season the network was going to cancel it fans did something special and it got back on the air :D It finally did end though but it was a great run :D

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We love watching Doctor Who, BBC’s Sherlock and Fringe while sipping tea.
Lately, we have been catching up on Warehouse 13, since season 3 was just released on Netflix.
I have been enjoying a nice Honeybush each evening with Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13 is good and so is Eureka :D I just haven’t caught many episodes of either… none are on Netflix Canada yet.

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ashmanra said

We love Doctor Who, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS, BBC’s Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and have just started watching Merlin. I think we are on the second season now. We like some episodes of Big Bang Theory, especially the early ones. Oh, and Psych! When we can get it, we love New Tricks. And we like the BBC mystery shows like Inspector Morse. The old show Good Neighbors was good!

I’ve watched BBC’s Merlin and at first I really liked it and then I lost interest I’m not sure why. My Mom still loves it though :D first two seasons of it are on Netflix Canada :D

NCIS Los Angeles is a lot more likeable now that they have Deeks he is my favourite character on there. Although I always liked Hetty :D

gmathis said

I’m a season behind on Psych…the TV selections at Shabby house weren’t too great ;) Google a little and you’ll find a short teaser of Shirley MacLaine’s first scene from the new Downton Abbey series.

ashmanra said

Oh, and Black Books! Does anyone watch that? Hilarious!

ashmanra said

And Firefly! I didn’t think of it since it isn’t current, but that is end of the greatest tv shows of all time for me. Great writing, great cast, great timing…

Firefly continued in graphic novels so the story didn’t end. The cast for Firefly was awesome :D it’s the reason I started watching Castle :D I love Castle and I have read all the Nikki Heat books on my kobo :D

Uniquity said

@Ashmanra – Black Books is one of my favourites. We have a few people that we get together with and drink wine while re-enjoying Bernard and Mannie. : )

ashmanra said

@Uniquity – Bernard, Mannie, and Fran were the names in the running for the three puppies for a while. We opted for a LoTR reference instead and named ours Samwise.
Love the episode where they “make wine” because they drank the expensive bottle! And when Mannie runs away from home.

I love Black Books. It’s one of my favorite shows. :)In fact, all of the shows you listed are the shows I watch on a regular basis! I’m ready for the next season of Psych. Yesterday I read that the first show of the season is going to be a musical with original numbers. That should be interesting.

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Lost Girl
Game of Thrones
The Almighty Johnsons
Todd and the book of pure evil
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe (yes I love my stargate)
Once Upon a Time (Robert Carlyle rocks!)
Finder (spinoff from Bones)
Prank Science

I swear I don’t sit all around day watching TV, I use my PVR and store lots of stuff on it so I never run out of things :D

Uniquity said

Lost Girl! Huzzah! I love Kenzie..

I think it might be impossible not to love Kenzie. Although Dyson can do a really good Kenzie impression :D

ashmanra said

Stargate fans here, too!

Oh my goodness someone else who watches The Almight Johnsons!!! Husband heard it mentioned on a podcast and downloaded both seasons.

The Almighty Johnsons is only airing season 1 on Space right now so I’m just starting. It’s pretty good :D

Enjoy! I was a bit taken back by the first few episodes but soon got hooked. Hope they make a third season.

Sil select said

Helena – did you know they cancelled the Finder? :( that made me sad

I know, I wish another station would pick it up… the only reason it did poorly was Fox pulled the same junk they did with Firefly. Showing episodes out of order and such.

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Alphakitty said

I prefer TV shows to movies generally for some reason, so I have a ridiculously long list of favorites!

Breaking Bad, Dexter, Bones, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Battlestar, Supernatural, Lost (which I watched in 1 month, I think it’s better that way!), Arrested Development, Eureka, Star Trek, Grey’s Anatomy (my guilty pleasure), House, HIMYM, and a ton more I am forgetting at the moment.

I have a different seep schedule than my bf, so late at night when he’s sleeping I make a cup of tea and watch whatever TV show I am working through at the moment. It’s a nice ritual to relax after a busy day! Fringe is next up on my to-watch list.

I prefer Angel to Buffy (I LOVE Spike). House is AWESOME! of course that’s because it’s like Sherlock… Battlestar Galactica was a mindfrack trying to figure out who the cylons were if you mean the newer version that is. Caprica was really cool too. I miss Firefly and watch it lots on Netflix Canada then I watch the movie Serenity :D Fringe is good it reminds me of X-Files but it’s much better :D

I stopped watching Lost after Boon died… he was my favourite… I may try again though :D

Alphakitty said

I also prefer Angel, which makes me feel like a bit of an outcast in some Whedon circles. ^^; My dad got me hooked on scifi when I was young so a lot of my preferences lean towards that! And Lost I feel is best when consumed rapidly, so you overlook all the silly plot holes. :D

Loooove Breaking Bad (we’re halfway through S 3) & Dexter.. although I lost my place in Dexter and will have to go back and rewatch everything to catch up… I need more time for that haha

Uniquity said

Fringe is brilliant – I love Walter! However I am a huge X-Files fan so Fringe is the #2. : )
Angel is better than Buffy too, just based on plots. Especially once they got the good cast together for season 5!

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I don’t like TV much – it’s too hard to follow, and I can never sit down at the same time every week to watch. That said, I recently got into Doctor Who (and became a rabid Whovian) and BBC’s Sherlock is also a favorite. I’ve tried watching Merlin a bit but I’m so bad at getting into a new show that I just haven’t gotten past the second or third episode.

And I love cooking reality shows like Next Food Network Star and MasterChef and Chopped. I don’t really follow any of them, but I love watching them.

I think that’s why I have the PVR :D Yeah Doctor Who and Sherlock are just soo good they hook you from the start :D

Uniquity said

Have you seen the preview for Series 7 yet? It’s very very exciting. Not to be too enthusiastic, but baby weeping angels!

Bonnie said

Me too on the cooking shows Michelle

gmathis said

We are cableless and dishless, but I have heard so much about the BBC Sherlock series, I’m curious … wonder how many episodes are available online via PBS?

mrmopar said

food network and pbs americas test kitchen are a must watch for me. anybody got a recipe for tea smoked duck? (well on my budget tea smoked chicken.. got to save for more pu-ers)

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Fringe is my favorite show, I also love Big Bang Theory (seriously, is there a better character on TV than Sheldon Cooper? Maybe only Walter Bishop.) I also watch Criminal Minds and Bones. I am already missing House! I love Grimm (which returns August 13 – MONDAY! Yay!) and Once Upon a Time. Merlin. I love 2 Broke Girls and HIMYM.

And everything I watch while drinking tea since tea is pretty much all I drink.

And then there is reality TV. My favorite is Work of Art which I hope will be brought back for a 3rd season soon. I also love Project Runway (I love Tim Gunn!) and I also watch Survivor and Big Brother.

Sheldon is the reason I watch Big Bang Theory ;) I love the team for Criminal Minds but my Fave is Dr. Spencer Reid. The only reality TV I watch is America’s Got Talent and I do that infrequently. I miss House but I loved the ending :D

Helena: I agree about the ending for House. I really can’t think of a way it would have been any better. I was crying through part of it, especially when I thought … this cast… I won’t see them together again. House and Wilson were such a perfectly dynamic combination. I will miss that show so much.

I love Dr. Reid too, but I think that Garcia is my favorite. She cracks me up in every single episode. I didn’t think I’d get over Gideon leaving… I just couldn’t fathom it being the same because he was such a pivotal character… but, I like Rossi now too (although I must admit it took a while for me to get over Joe Mantegna to be in this role, as I loved the movie “Baby’s Day Out” and for the first few episodes (probably the first couple of seasons that he was in the role of Rossi) I kept seeing him as the bumbling kidnapper on that movie. Now I think I can finally see him as Rossi though). But Reid and Garcia are my two favorites.

I don’t watch America’s Got Talent. My hubby tried to get me in to it this season now that Howard Stern is a judge, but, I was still uninterested. I USED to watch American Idol, but it became kind of boring after Simon left (very boring, actually), and now that they’re shuffling judges again and Steven Tyler is not going to be on it (which was really the only reason I watched these last two seasons), I won’t be watching it in the future…

Oh… I should have added, I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. I think it’s because I’m an artist myself that I love these art type reality shows.

I love Garcia especially when she and Reid when as characters from Doctor Who… I forget which episode that is but it was great :D To be honest I love the whole cast I won’t miss Emily Prentiss though she’s good but she never really fit, Elle didn’t fit either… I can’t wait to see how the new girl does. I can’t wait for the next season :D

Bonnie said

Finally someone who is tellin the truf
Project Runway…and I DID watch this last season of Bachelorette (Yes I did), and So You Think You Can Dance, I used to watch American Idol…not sure now. Love some cooking shows like Top Chef and Chopped. Fareed Zakaria on Sundays that I save on the DVR while I’m at Church, Revenge, Ever After, Touch. Some sports. News.
Today. Netflix movies.

CupofTree said

oh I love Project Runway! and I don’t normally watch reality shows or fashion shows either. Tim Gunn and Heidi are great.

I miss Project Runway :( My brief guilty pleasure this morning was RuPaul’s Drag Race which reminded me more of Project Runway than Top Model. But as noted on a previous thread Sherlock and Doctor Who rule in this household. Husband and I just started watching Game of Thrones a month ago. We just saw our first promo for the new season of The Office (the one show the US did better than the UK). I will also be tuning into Once Upon A Time for a second season, didn’t catch Grimm (everything else we do on Netflix or the husband downloads).

Project Runway’s season 10 just started a couple of weeks ago!

Dinosara said

Speaking of Criminal Minds, how about that Tea of the Month club that Emily is sending them from Britain?? Haha, Garcia was so excited about her “proper tea”!

Lynxiebrat said

OMG LiberTEAS, I thought the same thing about Rossi! (And Baby’s Day Out is still one of my most favorite movies to watch when I’m depressed.)

Big Bang Theory-I’ve more or less enjoyed watching when I come across it, but cannot maintain an interest. I like Penny (Loved her on Charmed, she kind of pumped new life into the show.) But not crazy about Sheldon…not sure why but he sets my teeth on edge, like fingernails across a chalk board.

Cooking shows, even though this past year I’ve gotten more into cooking, cooking shows just doesn’t really do it for me. I’d rather read a cooking blog or spend hours looking up different recipes on various mass recipe sites.

Criminal Minds-Wasn’t to crazy about Elle, I did like Emily alot and was really sad when she wasn’t on it. Yeah she was different and kind of threw things off, but that’s not a bad thing. Spencer-is a trip. I havn’t seen any recent ones but I hope they let him not only have a love interest but keep one! lol.
Garcia-I’m not much into feminine females, but…I would go out with her in a heartbeat! Plus sized, funky dresser, likes tea, cheerful…Yep! Ok..trying hard to not get graphic here. monkey face

Reality shows…usually to much drama will show up and turn me off from watching the show. American Choppers (The bikes!) Miami Ink (Tattoos!) etc.

And plus like many people have gotten to much into watching stuff online.

Chicago PD
Lost Girl

Are the 2 I’ve been watching online lately. Oh and SVU.

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