overbuying and how to reach a middle ground with someone that think you have too much tea.

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Fjellrev said

It’s funny how it’s socially acceptable to drop $5+ on a Starbucks drink everyday, or be a regular coffee drinker, or even go out to a pub with friends and drop $50+ on overpriced alcohol, but you’re a freakazoid if you prefer tea and have more than a couple different kinds in your cupboard.

Verdant’s open letter was a great read, and so true.

Alphakitty said

I think people can just be very judgmental of anything that doesn’t fit into the “norm.” There are things it’s seen as okay to splurge on (alcohol, coffee, expensive phones, etc), and things that are “weird” to splurge on. Tea is definitely one of the weird ones to most people: someone seriously once told me that I don’t “need that much tea.” Like, what, how do you know how much tea I need?! I get the same kind of responses to my fancy kitchen stuff, a woman once told me my Kitchenaid was a waste of money…

Fjellrev said

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that most people aren’t openminded and instead follow the crowd. I’ve been told that too, how I don’t need so much tea. A friend of mine also thinks I’m insane for spending $80 on an excellent quality pair of headphones while the ones that came with his iPod are literally falling apart and he’s taping them together, yet refuses to spend money on a new pair even though he regularly goes out with friends to the pub and can justify dropping that same amount of money in one night.

So when it comes to finding middle ground with someone, depending on how well I know him/her, I try to rationalize with them by pointing out that they spend just as much time or money on something that pleases them. I also try to explain to them that I once didn’t care for x, and it wasn’t until I gave x a real chance that I started appreciating it. This applies to tea, or hey, even the Beatles.

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I think he’s a little alarmed at how my tea collection has exploded, but like others, I don’t indulge in expensive coffees or alcohol, and he’s glad I’ve given up Coca-cola.

He hasn’t said anything, but I am waiting until he gets immersed in a conference call this afternoon before I dig into my latest Adagio shipment. :D

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