Next 3 SWAPS (US Only for this one, sorry)

I’m still mailing out TONS of swap packages but I’m looking ahead to the end of the month and next month right now.

I’m looking for people who might be interested in a Mystery Swap – US Swappers ONLY for this round as I will be sending them in the padded Flatrate Envelops.

Right now…I’m looking for the first three people but will be making a list for future swaps as well!

If you are interested…respond to this thread with a quick note AND send me a PM (make sure we are following each other!)

Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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That sounds exactly like my favorite kind of swap!

COOL! I just saw your PM and sent you one back :)

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Babble said

Ooh this sounds interesting. I’m a sucker for mysteries. I may be up for this as well. I’ll shoot you a PM.


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Sil select said

someday i’ll have a)Enough tea for a swap and b)Live in the right country lol

Are you in Canada? Or a different country? I sometimes do overseas ones :)

Sil select said

Canada :) Thankfully not TOO far away from most of the folks on the boards heh

Would you be interested in a Mid-Sept Swap???

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Lynxiebrat said

I would be interested in a swap, but I don’t have a clue in how it works, other then the obvious…swapping teas. I mean is there specific rules or anything? I live in the US-Michigan.

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Sare said

Im up for a Swap :)

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