Best Single-Cup Strainers? (recommendations please)


What is the best single-cup strainer you have ever used? (not including t-sacs)

Your recommendations are most appreciated.

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The Finum gold mesh ones are great, especially for really itty bitty teas like Rooibos.

This is what I have always used—without any problems. However, I know some people are wary of the plastic frame. Do you know if it has BPA in it?

I have no idea.

I should mention that I’m not only an advocate for Finum brew baskets, I’m also a client, ha!

We have… heck, I think four of these brew baskets now. Three medium, one large. They’re fantastic.

Dylan is also a pusher of these baskets as well. I have three or four and have given a couple away. They’re the best.

Erin said

I will throw in another vote for the Finum! My co-worker recently absconded with mine, so I had to get another one. I could not believe it when I found one at a local store. I got it at a shop called the Vitamin Shoppe (go to to see if they have a store near you). It was packaged for Rishi brand tea, so the box said Rishi, but it is the same Finum basket. On the bottom you can see where it is stamped “Made in Germany”.

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Rellybob said

I really like my Bodum stainless steel strainer.

I’ve heard mixed things about this strainer—it is stainless so no plastic. But I’ve heard it doesn’t steep finer teas, like Rooibos and South Indian teas very well. Also, I’ve heard that the metal gets hot and imparts a slight metallic taste.

They are also more expensive than Finum’s solution.

Have you tried Finum’s? Can you compare?

Rellybob said

I haven’t noticed a metallic taste; I’ve never tried it with rooibus but it probably wouldn’t be the best. I’ve never tried Finums but it would most likely be better for smaller pieces.

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BoxerMama said

I’ve only tried DAVIDsTEA perfect mug with the infuser. I’ve never had a problem with rooibos teas or it affecting the flavour.

Uniquity said

I also enjoy my perfect mug & infuser. Tea dust can get through, but it is fine enough to keep rooibos out of the water – I’m having a rooibos right now, actually. : )

Lindsay said

Yeah, definitely a fan of the Perfect Mug and infuser too. I’ve tried a similar contraption from Tea Desire (can’t remember the brand) and it was crap.

I like mine too – it’s nice and fine, easy to clean, no plastic. I also like that it’s big enough to work for a small teapot if need be.


agreed! very easy to clean as well. DAVIDsTEA also carries a variety of strainers…worth the check out ;)

I bought one recently it’s the dark green with white ferns I just haven’t gotten around to trying yet… (I got one for my grandma too) it’s still 2 for $30 last I checked

tigress_al said

I have 2 of these and I use them multiple times a day!

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LisaJoanna said

I just got a really pretty tea mug that has an infuser/strainer that comes with it (it also comes with a glass lid!) which I bought from teaopia, mine has “tea” in writing and then the chinese symbol for it, they also have the same mug but red with “love” both word and Chinese symbol. I love it!

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Janefan said

I use one made of “polymesh nylon.” It’s probably the most often used item in my kitchen! It’s pretty good for rooibos too since the holes are so tiny.
(I imagine other companies sell something similar. This RoT one was for sale in a grocery store just when I needed it.)

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These are my newest discovery. They are large enough to allow the leaves to unfurl. The compress for easy travel and clean easily. I started carrying them after I tried one first and decided it was a must for anyone that didn’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience.
Good luck on your quest. :)

Barb said

I saw these on a site I was visiting earlier today and brushed right past them. Does the silicone seem to affect the taste in any way?

I like my Finum and also my ForLife set. I just got one of those Bodum double-wall glass thingies with the plastic infuser last night and haven’t tried it yet.

Barb, it actually doesn’t one bit. I was truly shocked at how well these functioned. I was introduced to them at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. I was actually at the booth looking at the Steep & Go’s…
However, on my way out the woman I was speaking to mentioned the Tuffy Tea Steeper and asked if I were interested. I said “No” she said just take one with you, try it out and then decide. I did just that and didn’t even think much of when I got back. I tried it and was amazed. You taste just the tea. It’s easy to clean, big enough for the leaves to unfurl, and fits virtually any cup and/or mug. Needless to say the rest was history but don’t take my word for it. You should try for yourself. Now I will say I would not use it for Rooibos, they will go through the tiny holes. As they do for most. :)

Barb said

Thanks, Rachel! I will have to try one. Or two.

Thanks for the wisdom. I know the silicone cooking utensils are very heat tolerant and safe. I think I’d still prefer the Finum baskets because they have the finest mesh on the market—really have you ever examined those up close? It’s absurd how fine it is!

I have those as well and I agree I do like them, Hugo Tea. Honestly I use both now. I feel each has a place for me. :)

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Spot52 select said

I hate to mention the dreaded tea company, but Teavana used to have a real fine mesh single cup strainer. They may still have them, but I have not checked it out lately. The strainer also had no plastic on it.

I generally don’t enjoy purchasing branded tea accessories. That goes for mugs too. But (sigh), it isn’t beyond Teavana to have some quality merchandise.

teataku said

Yeah, I have had my Teavana brand single cup strainer for about 4 or 5 years now, and I have to say, it’s been pretty great. As far as their current products go, they do have one that I’ve seen pretty reliably in the store that’s got a very fine mesh (similar to mine, if not a little finer) and the parts that aren’t metal are silicone. I understand not wanting to support that kind of monopolistic branding of EVERYTHING IN THE BLESSED STORE, of which Teavana is unabashedly guilty, but I, like you, can’t argue with quality.

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Sil select said

I really like the Finum – esp since I can use it in any mug.

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ChrisG said

I love this one – just recently got it:

I like it better tan the Finum Brew baskets b/c of the extra large circle around the basket – making is usable in almost any cup or pot.

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i actually saw a collapsable one similiar to the David’s cool is that?!!1

I have often considered purchasing a collapse-able basket, but I always come to the conclusion that there is no need for me to save that tiny amount of space. Beside that—my tea generally sits in the basket for an afternoon or overnight in preparation for subsequent steeps.

There’s no denying the playfulness of a collapse-able infuser though.

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