LisaJoanna said

Trying To Find A Place To Get A Tea Journal/Diary?

I do love writing on this blog, but I would love to just be able to write everything down and have a concrete journal that I’m able to bring with my to a store…So mostly just rewriting what I post here into the journal.
But i’m not sure where I can get a journal that has tea on the cover, or specifically for tea writing…I live In Canada btw.
Thank you ALL lovlies <3

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I like to buy hardcover journals with the magnetic flap. They aren’t specific to tea, I buy one that I like the cover and then customize the inside. I usually just put the name of the tea and what kind of tea it is on the top line. Then under that the company name, harvest date (if available), brewing parameters, description of the dry leaf, description of the wet leaf, description of the infusion, and finally a description of the actual brew.

I know wine tasting journals are sold, I’ve never purchased one myself, but you could use one of those as a guideline if you wanted to. I don’t think tea tasting journals exist, at least not yet.

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khsheehan said

Moleskines are your friend.

Uniquity said

Is it bad that I took that as inspiration to buy another Moleskine (even though I am partway through one and still have my unused Woodstock one)?

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Bon Teavant sells a tea journal diary for $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

No kidding, would you look at that, they actually make them! That’s awesome!

Sil select said

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing

Login or sign up to post a message. has a lot of tea related gifts and things. I did a quick search for “tea journal” and came up with all sorts of lovely diary and journals, from ones made with tea tags as the covers to ones with tea themes, like the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice and Wonderland. As far as I know almost all (if not all) sellers offer shipping to Canada.

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I thought about creating one myself and decorating the cover using real teas – stains, calligraphy lettering with a dark tea as ink, leaves, etc. So far been too lazy to start.

That sounds pretty cool. If you get around to doing it you should take pics for us!

Will do!!

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teawade said

Great thread! I never thought of using a tea journal. Actually,…Steepster is kind of like my tea journal. But having a tangible one would be nice to jot down notes and to remember specific brewing instructions.

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I’m in love with a cheapass composition notebook, but I collage the cover with a bit of Mod Podge :)

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Helena said

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Zoltar said

For people who have android phone and don’t want to bring a physical journal when you go out ( i like to keep mine at home so nothing bad happen to them or forgetting one somewhere >< ya it’s happen once and i never found it back ) there a app call Tea by Metosphere it’s free.

Practical when you go buying tea since you can do search for when you don’t remember a tea, well for me since i taste a lot and don’t have a really good memory lol

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ashmanra said

I use a moleskine! You can stamp on them with ink like Staz-On, so you could add a tea symbol if you wish! I stamped T E A on mine, in old fashioned typewriter font.

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