Cofftea said


Have you ever bought/gotten a tea (or food item w/ tea in it or tea accessory) and thought “OH MY GOSH! I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THIS!!!” Only to be HORRIBLY disappointed? What’s your biggest tea disappointment?

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Marie said

I went through an herbal tea phase and rounded up a bunch of different types of Celestial Seasonings bagged teas. Being an avid supporter of loose leaf, I already understood that I would be drinking hot water infused with tea fannings and dust. I held out hope that the indicated tasty flavors magnified by the array of bright aesthetically pleasing colors on the boxes would ease my anxiety in making the switch. Alas, every type was devoid of flavor except for Bengal Tiger – which I could taste because of the cinnamon. Lesson learned! Now I do not purchase anything in a bag I can’t easily identify as a dried leaf, flower, spice, petal, dried fruit etc. Fannings and dust in a bag do not a decent tea make. ;)

Cofftea said

Very true Amy, but that doesn’t count for this cuz you knew going in it’d be bad lol:)

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