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Proper drinking time

In the west most people think that there is no especially good time or season to drink different types of tea – perhaps with the exception of avoiding high caffeine teas in the evening. However in China, teas form an integral part of Chinese traditional medicine and that suggests that there are definite benefits from drinking teas that are appropriate for each season.

Spring – scented teas
Summer – green teas
Autumn – Oolong and White teas
Winter – Black and Pu’erh teas

If you are interested in the thinking behind the role of teas in traditional Chinese medicine, we give you a short outline below of the thinking behind why the different teas are best suited for different seasons, plus the general thoughts on the individual benefits of each tea.

Full information through here: http://www.teavivre.com/info/proper-drinking-time/

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Great information Angel. Yeah, I think I had a discussion on that before and you were educating me on this subject.
I thank you greatly for your tips and education you provide it is most helpful.
Plus, your help and tips on things helps people to know how to buy good teas instead of throwing money on what I call tuition teas. Meaning teas that are not so good until you learn enough to know how to buy a good tea. LOL!
You are so well respected in the community because of your hard work and dedication to teas and tea education and please note your customer notice the work you put in and we all appreciate it.

TeaVivre said

Thanks so much, and we will keep writing more good tea articles.

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Really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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