i can't log out

I got locked out of This steepster long time ago because of lost passwords, ended up making a new account a while recently by logging in with my new Facebook….Now I actually to get back into this one My original account and I’M STUCK, WTF? just can’t log out now, this is crazyness lol

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Did you try deleting your internet history, etc?

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Kittenna said

Strange! I have noticed that Steepster is particularly persistent in keeping me logged in, but as there’s nothing secure on here, it’s convenient for me.

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Do be wary that if you do log out for some reason (I had to clear my Internet history recently, which logs you out of all current sessions) that the 503 “timeouts” that have been persistently happening on here are making it near impossible for many of us to “log back in.” I can’t log in on here using the log in box with the username and password (only the “Google” login feature). Something to be wary of if you do decide to log out.

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