Northwest Tea Festival

Has anyone been to the Northwest Tea Festival? Or, is anyone planning on going this year?

It’s on October 6th and 7th at the Seattle Center Fisher Pavillion (the building that’s kind of raised up overlooking the fountain lawn).

Looking at the vendor list, there’s quite a few that I don’t believe I’ve heard of before, so it could be interesting. Plus, Missy’s two little brothers are going to be up here in October, and a trip to Seattle is definitely on the agenda!

Thoughts? Anyone going to be there?

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Nicole said

Unfortunately, I am in Seattle the following month. :( I love the idea of tastings at the booths as well as other places though!

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CupofTree said

Man I cannot get to Seattle soon enough. :( I want to be there now!!! Don’t know exactly yet when I’m moving.

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