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Buying tea

I buy all of my tea. I like supporting the companies and will continue to return to buy from them if they have something I like. I only accept free samples if sent with a purchase. What is the largest dollar amount you’ve ever spent on tea? I’ve spent 100 dollars on an order once I wouldn’t stop adding to cart. Oh the internet making me shop too much since the late 90’s. lol

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Nicole said

The internet is indeed evil for those of us cursed with a shopping urge. :) I generally try to keep it under $50. I always suck into the Harney & Sons free shipping with $25 order and always end up spending enough to get the free shipping they offer normally with $50. Though, to be fair, I generally have at least one other person ordering with me. :)

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When I shop for tea, I generally will order until I’ve reached that minimum for free shipping … unless it’s an outrageous amount and I don’t find enough teas to intrigue me to get to that point. But, like if Harney has the free shipping with 25 dollars, I will make sure I’ve ordered at least that much. Lupicia usually has free shipping with orders over 60, so I’ll buy at least 60 dollars worth to get that free shipping.

The most I’ve spent on tea… over 500 dollars in one sale at one point. But back then, I was a tea purveyor, and that was for inventory. :)

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Angrboda said

It’s not unheard for me to put down around $90 on TeaSpring. Mind you, they are fairly expensive. I usually buy for at least $70 when I shop there so that I can get free shipping. Shipping which is only a bit less than $4 world-wide… I’m greedy that way.

On the other had, I only shop there once or twice a year, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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