I'm in love with genmaicha. Who makes the best?

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I can’t say that I have a huge breadth of experience with genmaicha, but I am extremely happy with the one from SerendipiTea. Plus, they sell some of their tea through Amazon, so I get free two-day shipping, and it’s something like $2/oz.

One of these days I need to try Den’s, but I haven’t made it there yet…

Okay, I don’t really get free two-day shipping, I get pre-paid two-day shipping is probably a better way to look at it :)

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VeryPisces said

Thanks Dylan. I have Amazon Prime which is probably what you have. I’ll check them out!

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I’m in love with genmaicha too!

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Amaryllis said

Bumping this becuase I’ve tried the adagio blend that friend served me and I’m very interested in trying different higher end versions. I’d love to try some other flavor added blends

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You could try it from the tea shop that originally sold this product and sip history :).

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Ost said

I’ve tried tons of gemnaichas this year. By far I have found Verdant’s to be my favorite. Very creamy and toasty!

Thanks for the recommendation, Ost! It’s definitely an unusual Genmaicha – Northern Chinese green tea rather than Japanese, plus a rice blend that include Minnesota Wild Rice – but that’s why we love sharing it :)

Have you gotten a chance to try our other genmaicha blends? Both the Minnesota Blend and Laoshan Black Chocolage Genmaicha have been super popular the last few months – I spent so much time toasting up rice for all of the reblends we had to do over Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend!

I just tried the Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha and while I did like it, it didn’t taste anything like Chocolate or Genmaicha to me! Right now I tend to stick to Den’s Genmaicha Satsuki but I feel like I’m in a rut!

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Skysamurai said

I love genmaicha too! Yay for genmaicha lovers! I think it can be a picky tea. I found that one a the retailers I bought it from had a good one, one year and then next year it was just ok.

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