Tea shop owners: Need an AffiniTEA infuser?

I spent a small fortune on this machine when I started my tea bar back in 2007. I closed the tea bar in 2010 and haven’t used it since, but it’s a workhorse and I’m sure it’s still working. I’m honestly NOT really anxious to part with this machine. (Part of me keeps thinking I will have a tea bar again someday.) BUT, I’m thinking if I could get a decent price for it, I could use the cash to beef up my Southern Boy Teas inventory and take them to the World Tea Expo next year.

The machine runs on 220v. It is similar to an espresso machine, and has a steam wand for making frothy tea lattes. You put a teaspoon of tea in the portafilter, lock it in place, press a button and delicious, perfectly brewed hot tea comes out. (Brew it into a cup filled with ice for iced tea). The machine works perfectly with ANY kind of tea. Even though the water temperature remains the same, the water does not stay in contact with the tea long enough to break down the tissues of the plant and release the tannins (which is what makes tea bitter when oversteeped). So, white teas, green teas, black teas, oolongs, puerhs, herbal teas, it does them all perfectly. It uses pressurized hot water jets to extract the beverage from the leaves. The portafilter is adjustable, so you can change the flow of the tea, but you can create a cup of hot or iced tea in about 30 seconds.

This is great for high-volume applications. You can just keep cranking out teas, one after the other. You can also create amazing tea lattes or iced tea lattes with it. (I can give you a great recipe for those, if interested.)

Anyway, this is my baby. I’ve taken excellent care of it. The machine with shipping and all cost me about $5k. I’m entertaining REASONABLE offers for the machine. You will need to arrange and pay for shipping. Unless you can come pick it up here in Wichita, you’re going to have to ship it via freight truck on a pallet. It is VERY heavy.

Message me with your offers/questions.

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No interest?

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I’m very interested, but, I don’t have a tea shop, and my husband would kill me if I purchased something like this. And… it really would not be of any use to someone who is dead.

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ChaMei select said

This is too big of a splurge for personal use although I did think about it. Wish I had a catering service or even frequent family gatherings to justify this but my family are crude tea bag drinkers who will judge me if I adopted your baby.

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I may have an offer for this, but I’m so torn… :(

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Azzrian said

Its hard to let go of something nice that you think maybe one day you will use again, or even that has great memories associated with it. Sometimes though you have to do the greater good, ask yourself if this person will benefit, if others will through its use, will it become outdated sitting at your place perhaps something that in time won’t sell at all? What can you do with the money from its sale? Will it benefit you? Others?

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BecBo said

Have you had any takers on your Affinitea? I’m highly interested if it is still available.

I followed you. Follow me back and send me a PM—or email me at frank (at) 52teas (dot) com

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