Traveling Tea Box: Group A - round 2 discussion

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ssajami said

Update – the box has arrived. It was sent surface because of the high cost of international shipping, so it took over a month to reach me.
But WOW WOW was it ever worth it. There is so much tea here to try!
Now, after I’ve taken all the tea out to look at, I have no idea how all that was put into the box to begin with. I may have to look for a bigger box before I send it out again, as I have no idea how to get it all back in. I’m not very good at tetris :)

Momo, this is coming back to you now, right? Send me your address, and I will try to get this back out in a few days.

momo said

haha, yeah I just got a tea box from another site last week and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get everything back in.

since nobody has posted, it’ll go back to me. going to message you my address now!

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momo said

I picked up the box from my apartment complex leasing office today! It was there a few days I guess since they emailed me that it was there – I was not expecting it so fast from Israel!

The journal was sent separately and has not arrived yet, plus I REALLY have to get back to watching a movie to write a paper (today has been stupid, to put it nicely) so I will post more about what’s in it and where it went and all that when it arrives.

I think I’ll just do one box from now on, but there are a couple things in here that made it through the entire trip so I think it’s time they are retired, ha.

Sil select said


ssajami said

I’m glad it arrived :)

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momo said

Ok finally have a chance to relax a bit and tell you guys what came back in the box. Too bad it being 76 in my apartment due to this awful humid air makes me not want to even think of heating water!

Here’s a pic:

And here’s what it all returned with:
Majesteas Blueberry Wonderland
Pekko Teas Akita Super Sencha
Butiki Teas Root Beer Float
Tao Tea Leaf Imperial Golden Pu Er (shu)
Butiki Teas Good Morning Sunshine
Mariage Freres Marco Polo
Tao Tea Leaf Chinese Breakfast
Tao Tea Leaf Da Hong Pao
House of Tea Christmas Blend
SBS Teas Flavored White Tea Grapefruit Vanilla
Tea Spring Huo Shan Huang Ya
Fava Tea Hazelnut Mate
Bashkevitz Spices Bedouin Chai
The Ô Dor So Long
Harney& Sons Herbal Hot Cinnamon
Butiki Teas Pistachio Ice Cream
Harney & Sons Indian Spice Chai
Basilur Cream Fantasy Green
Kally Tea Hajua Sessa Assam
Granville Island Tea Co. Buttered Rum
52Teas Pomegranate Da Hong Pao
Frontier Natural Products Coop Org. Strawberry Green
Numi Magnolia Puerh
Red Leaf Tea TNT Chill Out
52Teas Apricot Fusion
Teavana Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai
Beijing Wuyutai Red Sample Shu Puerh
Tao Tea Leaf Imperial Pu-er
Tao Tea Leaf Golden Needle
Lupicia Momo
Granville Island Tea Co. Junpana 1st Flush
The Tao of Tea Black Dragon Oolong
52Teas Graveyard Mist
Teavana Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Enchanted Teacup Holiday Green
Chaday Green Tea
Red Leaf Tea Pink Sonoma
52Teas Cranberry Ti Kwan Yin
Element Tea Classic Phoenix Oolong
Steenberg’s Organic Red Chai
Bashkevitz Spices Saffron Green
Ahmad Tea Black Tea with Rose Petals
Indie Tea Masquerade

only five things that went the whole journey really and most are used up but that Teavana chai stuff won’t die will it? ha.

Jillian said

I recognize a few of those, lol. Of course it’s only been through 2 (3?) people since I got it.

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