Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Rachel had a great idea to give extra credit to first person to view a new flavor that was not reviewed here on Steepster.
Let’s do extra $5.
Please note that the extra credit is per flavor, so new review with just a different matcha base or flavor strength will not count.

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Latte and shakes recipes:
I’m looking for reviewer that can help me populate a new section of my store. I would like to set up a page where people can post their recipes for latte or smoothies. It seems that you guys like to experiment with my matcha and I figured that it deserves a place where you can post it and share it with other.
I have posted a sample here:
At this moment I’m the only one that can enter the recipes, if this has any interest and people will use it, I will change is so that you can enter this info by yourself. The goal is to let people enter and share their favorite recipe and other can rate it.
If you have any recipes to be posted, please send it to [email protected], picture would be VERY helpful.
This way we could have a contest on best recipe posted or something similar.
What do you think?
Would anyone like to participate?

Dinosara said

I would love that, especially as a matcha newbie! I feel kind of clueless in general right now, so having other people’s recipes would be great.

Nik select said

I love concocting things, and recently placed my very first matcha order, so I would enjoy such a section both as a consumer and a contributor. It sounds like a great idea.

Great idea! I would definitely use this for ideas, and will contribute if I come up with any exciting recipes :)

ashmanra said

That would be awesome! My biggest hesitation was because I had never made a latte or smoothie, so I experimented based on what I read here on Steepster! A recipe section would be great!

I would definitely participate. I have a food blog and I love playing with tea in my recipes, so I would definitely post recipes not only to your site, but also to my own, with prominent links to your site in my posts. If you wanna see my blog, here are some links to a couple posts where I have used matcha in my baking!

DaisyChubb said

Yay! I just sent in my recipe for a bananas foster iced matcha latte :) I’ve tried many and this one is still my fave!

momo said

Next time I make a smoothie I’ll try to actually measure things out and send it to you. I think mango berry cheesecake was easily the best one I’ve had!

Please keep sending the recipes!
At this point I have to enter them manually by myself. I have spoken with my programmer and it costs $600-800 to make it work so that you can enter all that info yourself. Before I order such expensive (at least for me) change, I want to see it people would use it and like it.

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Azzrian said

I sent in my recipe for Boysenberry Energy Spritzer which is an Italian Creme Soda drink. Picture included.

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Today’s Special – Banana Matcha

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Looks like Pumpkin Pie is winning , Black Cherry right after that.
Tomorrow I will be accepting new suggestions for what flavor should be on sale after this weekend’s sale.

Babble said

Oh man, it’s so close. Do you think both will be on sale, or just one?

Sil select said

Rachel – think it was stated earlier if there’s a tie both will be :) otherwise just the winner!


It’s SO close right now. Pumpkin pie winning by one vote! I hope it ends up winning, cherries are blech.

I personally would not mind Pumpkin Pie winning since I’ve already got that one. :) It would save me from placing yet another order this week.

c’mon pumpkin pie! I will be ordering!

Cedes said

Gah I have pumpkin pie coming in the mail, but if it goes on sale I might just need to try it in the robust flavor just to see the difference….hum…. Just checked on the site, as of right now they are tied.

devvyleys said

When will our suspense end? With it so close, will it go to midnight?

Is it wrong to be rooting for a tie? Feels a little guilty.

Babble said

Aww, poor black cherries. I’m rooting for you. Maybe because I know fall means pumpkin flavored everything :-p

Sil select said

I feel like we’re all watching, waiting for the stock market to close or something…. Black cherry was up a vote…now pumpkins up by 1…. Lol

Lol Sil

The votes on each keep going up, but it ends up being one off either way.

Sil select said

Do we start taking bets on the outcome? 2 to one odds on pumpkin! (even if I wanna see cherry win)

devvyleys said

Watch your money, Sil. Cherry is up by 2 votes now!

Pumpkin is back up by FOUR!!!!!

Wooo! Go pumpkin pie!

devvyleys said

I like that we have a play-by-play commentary on here. :)

Pumpkin Pie winning by 7 votes.
No cherry lovers to the rescue?
Voting ends at midnight :-)

Sil select said

I tried! Even got a few friends to vote cherry for me.

No more votes for cherry! haha

Sil select said

Sush you! It’ll be pumpkin all fall long! Need a taste of sunshine to carry me through winter! :)

I just voted cherry! I’m tempted to order it… but I already have some of the regular cherry and don’t want to double up. but I loooove cherry!! what to do…
btw is the espresso flavouring derived from coffee beans? I miss my coffee! but am sensitive to it so was hoping I could use this as an alternative ;P

Sil select said

Indigo…there’s a coffee flavored one they’re bringin out too….someday haha

Sil select said

Cherry cherry go go go! In the lead!

Sil select said

Who won who won! Lol. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!

Yeah…so one week left until vacation and I’m a wee bit excited.

I checked at midnight and the winner was:
…but I forgot that I don’t have it listed yet, so give me sometime and I’ll have it listed this morning. Discount will be available all weekend of course. :-)

OK, Got the product listed. I will adjust the picture and description later today.
PS. Cherry won by 4 votes :-)

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I think I have fixed an issue of tin getting the same discount as Matcha. Recommended accessories you will find at the bottom of the page for each product. I think that will work better, but if you have any comments, let me know.

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I just tried one of the samples you sent along (and it was awesome, btw). I know we are supposed to email our reviews to you, but I was wondering if there was a basic matcha I could leave my tasting notes under, just for me (this was my first time trying matcha and I’d like to have my thoughts in my tasting notes). Thanks!

Send it to me directly and once the reviews of samples are over I will post in for the appropriate matcha.
At least that’s what I think you want me to do, correct?

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Let me know which teas should be listed as candidates for the next’s week sale. :-)

Sil select said


I second the coffee/espresso, in addition to Irish Cream. :)

Dinosara said

Pumpkin pie again! :P How about Almond?

pumpkin pie again! LOL

tigress_al said


Poll updated :-)

I second the coconut! yummmm

Alphakitty said

Espresso! I really want to make a black cherry espresso latte, mmmm

Remember, You can vote here:
one vote per day, but you can vote for more than one flavor.
If you want to have a flavor added let me know here.

Irish cream again? :D

Added :-)

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Looks like I’ll have to suck it up and just order the pumpkin pie! I don’t mind =)

Same here :)

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Matcha samples.
I have already received 2 reviews of the matcha samples I have sent.
Can I ask that you rate them from 1 -10 as 10 being best
Two reasons:
1. I’d like to know how good/bad they really are.
2. How far apart are they? If one is better, it will help me see how much better.
Your honest opinion. Those samples are not high end, so I know the score will not be high. Any feedback would be appreciated.
In 2 weeks I’m getting new samples of high end matcha. Once I get it, I will be looking for some volunteers.
and no, you can get new samples if you did not finish your current sample review…

Does anyone know why my post looks like this? I did not do it, did I?

Babble said

LOL – I was wondering about that. Sometimes Steepster can be a bit wonky. I had issues with it repeating my post, occasionally.

Sil select said

i know there’s somsone out there who knows the code. probably has something to do with the brackets

It’s the happy face. Any time you use a “dash” it creates the strike out. like this
ie dash “like this” dash

DaisyChubb said

Yeah looks like from the 1-10 and the happy face with the dash of a nose you’ve got some cross out action! Maybe just edit it to be “1 to 10” and it should fix, as long as there are no other dashes hiding in there ;)

Ok, I took out all the brackets and smiley faces. I guess it helped.
Thank you guys.

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