Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Here’s a link to new promotion.
It will start on November 8th, since that’s how long it will take my programmer to make it work, BUT any reviews submitted earlier will be accepted. Only issue is that you won’t be able to use your Gift Certificate until that date.
Hope you like it.

Woo hoo! I’m glad that the program is still in place. Even with the changes … there are many, many Matcha flavors I still want to try! This program has enabled me to do just that. Thank you very much for the program … I personally have loved it (as I’m sure you’re well aware!)

Woot!!!sooo glad to see the details of the program. Love it and I really love your matchas!

Sil select said

Really happy to see a new promo :)
For the promo that ended on the 12th are you able to confirm by when we’ll have the last of the reviews verified? Only ask because we have to use that GC under the old rules by the 21st? I think it was. Want to make sure that I’m organized lol

As for the new promo, still really looking forward to working my way through all the wonderful flavours you have!

Kittenna said

Whew, I just checked – Sil, I think the promo ends today. I could have sworn it was the 14th, and navigated back a few pages to check. I only just submitted my last review yesterday, I think, so was kicking myself for having read the wrong date!

Babble said

Are we supposed to use the form on the site or not? I thought we were now, but now I’m reading it won’t work until Nov 8

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You can use the form on my site to make it easier for you now and later. I made it to make it easier for people to submit reviews :-)

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I have registered on their website and I have tried to put things on wish list but it is not there when viewed. Also price is steep and confusing; is it $15.99 and then what is add $3.00 if this (with selection)? I don’t understand pricing and grading or such. I am poor and broke; impulse keeps me here. I am hoping to try the maple matcha one day. Thank you.

I cannot help you with the technical issues, but perhaps I can help clarify pricing.

Let’s use the Maple Syrup Matcha as an example. Okay, the site says the price is $15.99. This remains true if you don’t change any of the options for your matcha. To see what I mean, click on the Maple Syrup Matcha and scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a yellow box and it should say, “Price: $15.99” in red letters at the very top.

Below that, there is a list of options with radio buttons beside them. Note that these are the options that are selected by DEFAULT:

-Small – 30g
-Classic (Basic Grade)
-Regular Matcha
-Delicate [Flavour]

These are the default options because they are the cheapest. If you change any of them, it will raise the price. For example, click the radio button beside “Large – 60g” under Size. Now look at the top of the box. Note that where it said, “$15.99,” it now says, “Price: $23.99.” That’s because you’ve now selected the option to buy more than the default! Makes sense, right?

Under Matcha Quality, the first three options (classic, royal, imperial) refer to how high quality the matcha is. If you want a better quality matcha, it is more. Then the white, red, black, 50/50 options are actually made with white tea, rooibos and black instead of green tea. I’m guessing Red Leaf creates those rather than getting them from a supplier, so there is also an extra charge to use those instead of green tea.

The difference in price between regular and organic matcha is probably self-explanatory…

And finally you have Flavour. The default is “delicate,” or just a bit of flavouring. The other flavour options increase going down. If you want more flavouring, that is also an extra charge.

At any time, you can see the price changes at the top of the yellow box.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your help Daniel :-)

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Peanut Butter Matcha winning over White Chocolate by 5 votes only!!! :-)

Might have to call in some help to get white chocolate the win. :)

Done…just for you LiberTeas:)

ashmanra said

Me and my daughter, too!

Thanks guys… but, it looks like the demand for peanut butter has outweighed the demand for white chocolate. Oh well. sigh

Helena said

sorry guys but I want Peanut Butter :D

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Sil select said

i tried to get white chocolate to win…no such luck

Helena said

Peanut Butter for the Win!!!

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Peanut Butter Matcha won the contest by 2 votes!!!
Peanut Butter Matcha 96 votes, White Chocolate 94 votes :-)
On sale now
Any suggestions for next week?

Helena said

I voted for Peanut Butter :D

White Chocolate please.

Alphakitty said

Peppermint! Or Coffee, both sound so tasty.

I would also be interested in Mocha.

Ninavampi said

White chocolate!

LiberTeas- I have some Mocha if you are interested.

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New flavors added for voting :-)

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This weekend’s special is White Chocolate Matcha :-)

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Wow,it’s been a long time since I have posted here :-)
Here’s the requested product. As you asked, I have added 30g in addition to 60g.

Sil select said

Yay! That’s awesome :) it’s classic grade…so also the most basic flavouring? Sorry I’m tired heh

I forgot about the flavoring. I will try to adjust it now…

ashmanra said

Very cool! Thanks!

Flavor option added…

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I was told by my programmer that the new promo is ready for testing.
I’m looking for a few good people that can help me test it.
Here’s the guideline.
1. Only people that are willing to place real orders for flavored matcha should apply.
2. I will add $20.00 the form of Gift Certificate, which can cover up to 30% of your order. In other words, you will be able to place an order for flavored matcha teas with 30% OFF.
3. Contact me at [email protected] with your name so that I can add money to your Gift Certificate.
Offer is limited to first few people only.

Sil select said

Totally missed seeing your posts the past few days by the way! Welcome back :)

Ok, got my first 10 people very fast. Thank you for participation.
Let me know if you encounter any problems using Gift Certificates.

It appears that my order went through just fine using the GC at 30%. Thanks!!!

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