Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Regarding requests for samples:
I would love to make samples of flavored matcha teas, but I ran into a couple problems:
1. Each flavored matcha is done manually just the way you like it. While it saves product to make smaller version, it takes same amount of time to make it and pack it as regular version.
2. Issue #1 could be solved by making batch of 10 different flavors, but with so many options offered, the next question is what flavors and what strength. Not every one will want same thing.
My solution is to make 10 flavors sampler by the end of next week. I will post a poll on my site for you to vote on what flavors you want in the sampler pack. One vote per day. The most popular 10 flavors will be included.
Let me know what flavors you want to be in the sampler. It’s up to you to decide.
If you have any other suggestion, please let me know. I welcome any ideas.

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here the link to the poll. vote for your favorite flavors :-)

thank you for your effort in this. I will check in again if you post another poll, as I am not interested in any of the current flavors offered within the current poll.

The flavors listed there are a suggested flavors. You can give me a list of flavors you want to be included and I will add them to the poll so that everyone can vote.

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thank you.

Jasmine,Bee Pollen,Black Currant,Chamomile,Ginger,Hawaiian Honey,Lavender,Lemongrass,Mint,Rose,Royal Jelly,Watermelon, and Wintergreen are the flavors I am most interested in.


Thanks for the poll! Licorice, Macadamia Praline, Pistachio, Pumpkin pie, Raspberry Truffle, rum, white chocolate, tiramisu, amaretto, brandy.

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well, dang it … you just had to go and do the grapefruit. LOL and so I had to break my no buying tea until after Christmas vow.

Sil select said

Eesh….same here lol

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thanks redleaftea for being so awesome and thinking with us. can’t wait to see the sampler package.

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This weekend special:
Raspberry Matcha & Raspberry Truffle Matcha.
Also, coming next week: Raspberry & Cream Matcha.

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Sorry it took this long, but I finally got a chance to make the Flavored Matcha Sampler Pack. Top 10 flavors suggested by you.

Wow, look at all those great flavors!

Also, I noticed a new peanut butter pie flavor. That sounds amazing!

Sil select said

thank you for the update!

OMG OMG OMG! I’m so excited about this! I wanted to get more into Matcha, but without the monetary investment I would have to take on one flavor! Perfect! BUT I am also a matcha newbie, so a couple questions that hopefully someone will answer for me!

1. How many cups can I typically make out of the 10g?
2. Do I NEED the fancy supplies to go along with it, or are there shortcuts with things I would already have at home (a mini egg beater instead of the wisk?)
3. I guess this is more for Red Leaf Tea, but does anybody know if there is any milk in any of the flavorings in the sample pack?

Ok that’s all! Thanks in advance for answers to my noob questions :D

On a side note, I was cruising on the website and noticed the caffeine chart… what in the WORLD is 5150 juice with 16,000 mg of caffeine?!?!??!?!?!

Sil select said

Sadly i’m not entirely sure on the cups for 10g – it’ll depend a lot as well on what matcha/water ratio you end up preferring

In terms of “fancy supplies” dont’ bother until you decide you like matcha and/or want to move in that direction. You can experiment with matcha using a plain old fork/whisk or, as i prefer a hand blender or real blender. Just depends on your preferences. :)

Thanks Sil!

Uniquity said

The way I first sampled (other than picking up a bit at Davids) was to select a flavour on sale – yes you are committed to the one flavour but it costs a lot less than the price tag on the sampler. Just on the off chance it’s not for you. :)

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Sil select said

Just out of curiousity since I haven’t participated in the updated program with the submission form – Can anyone comment on how long it typically takes for the submission form to be reviewed and gift certificate updated?

Babble said

No more than a couple days. Since he’s not so swamped with reviews, turnaround time is quicker.

Sil select said

Thanks Rachel! I just wanted to double check so I’d know when/if to follow up :)

Sorry for the longer wait time. All reviews have been updated now. If you are missing one, please contact me.

Sil select said

Don’t worry about the wait time. I was more curious so I would know when to check on things than i was concerned about it taking a few days. I’m just happy to be able to participate!

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New promo:
I’m looking for a few brave matcha lovers that would like to help me test new promotion.
It’s a new client referral program. Those that would like to participate will receive special code. You can use it at Facebook, Twitter anywhere you want or can, friend and family included. This code will give (new clients only) 50%OFF !!! any flavored matcha.
Now, what’s in it for you? Well, how about totally 100% FREE Matcha, no stings attached.
If their order is between $0-$35 you will get 1 Small Matcha tea.
If their order is between $36-$70 you will get 2 Small Matcha teas.
If their order is between $71-$100 you will get 3 Small Matcha teas.
If their order is over $100 you will get 4 Small Matcha teas.
Totally FREE Matcha just for referring them to us.
Everyone will get their own special code so that I know where the referral comes from. You can let me know here on Steepster or our email. Note your full name is required so that I can assign it to the correct person, so if you do not want to list it publicly on Steepster, send me an email.
Let me know if you have any question.

ashmanra said

I would love to participate! I have an account. Do you need my info again?

hmmmm I think I would like to give this a try.

My full name is Ashley Cayer

Chuckieroy said

I would love a code :) full name is Chuckie Dixon

I have been looking at ordering from Red Leaf sometime in the next month, so I well let the community know when I decide so that someone can take advantage of it :)

Denny said

I want to try matcha.

ashmanra said

@Sweet Canadian: I was going to say that was so sweet of you, then I saw that “sweet” is your first name! :D

- Ashley Cayer (tattooed_tea) your code is VBE13.
- others – I need a full name, post it here or send me an email.

Chuckie Dixon: your code is AFM25. I have also send you an email since you sent me one as well :-)

Chuckieroy said

for those who haven’t tried matcha yet feel free to use my code AFM25 :) thanks and enjoy!

ashmanra: yes, please.

Azzrian said

I would be pleased to have a code – Joely Smith (Azzrian) thank you.

Good to hear from you again Joely :-). Your code is NFO64

Azzrian said

Thank you! Its been insanely busy getting my daughter ready for college, heading up some reoccurring health issues, etc and so on. Onward and upward though :) Hope you get some new biz from all the referrals! :)

Sil select said

I’d love to participate – Sarah cairns

Sarah cairns: your code is DYH75. Thank you for participating.

I’d love to participate as well! Carolynne Keenan.

Carolynne Keenan: your code is NYD82.

BoxerMama said

I’d love to participate as well! Already had someone asking about your company when I brought some matcha to work!
Sasha Hodder

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Chuckie Dixon has already earned 1 Free Small Matcha. Congratulation. Let me know if you want to wait till you get more or get this one right away :-)

Chuckieroy said

Yay! I’m gonna wait it out a bit. I think I have a few more friends that will be buying :-)

No problem. Just contact me when you are ready to “cash out” :-)

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