Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Sil select said

Will all the new flavours be added as choices for the 5+; 10+ packs? A bunch are missing like mint chocolate, raspberry cream, apple pie etc..

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I’m working on this issue. The problem is with overloading the program with so many options. It may slow down the website a lot. I’m trying to find a solution.
At this moment you can place an order for any flavors and if some are missing, just add on notes during check out to ship a different flavor instead of the one you have picked.

Sil select said

I’m not sure how complicated the coding is on your site, but it might be worth not having drop downs at all and just have a free form text box that people can use to enter the flavours they want. Then you never have to worry about updating the list.

Appreciate you letting me know about the work around though :)

I had it done similar way at our store on Etsy. Customer would buy a deal “Buy3, Get1FREE” and in check out notes they would list the products they want. Unfortunately, there were many mistakes. People would sometimes shorten the names of the product. For example, we have 4 cherry flavors, someone may write Cherry thinking of Black Cherry, not knowing there are 3 more different types. Just to make sure, I would contact the customer and wait for the answer before shipping it and that would delay the shipping time.

Anyway, good idea and thank you for your advise :-)

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New contest:
I’m looking for a new name for our new product. It’s a green tea with Jasmine flavor. We already have Jasmine Matcha (made from white matcha and jasmine tea powder), Pure Jasmine Matcha (made from jasmine tea powder)
I’m looking for a new name. If anyone that comes up with a new attractive name that we choose to use, we will ship FREE small size of that product to the winner.
Hope you can help :-). Post your ideas here.

Alphakitty said

Jasmine Beauty or Garden of Eden! I always think of heady, romantic moonlit gardens when I smell jasmine.

Babble said

Jasmine Essence

Azzrian said

Jasmine Summer Breeze (after the song) link to song:
Or Summer Breeze Jasmine
OR lol
Summer Jasmine Breeze

Jasmine Jade
Emerald Jasmine

Himalayan Whispers

I would prefer to have “Jasmine” included in the name since names like “Dew of the Goddess”, for example, are very nice and creative, in the end, do not make it easy to show the flavor is Jasmine.

Jasmine Mists in Spring?

Jasmine Meadow

Jasmine Joy

Jasmine Kitten Matcha…what? You know you’d want to but a tea with that name! Hehe

Jammin Jasmine
Jittery Jasmine
Jasmine Thai
Jasmine Vine
Jasmine Garden
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Bridal
Princess Jasmine

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Lala said

white jasmine blossom

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Jasmine Pearl
Jasmine Dust
Heart of Jasmine
Jasmine Buds
(I hope that hasn’t been taken. I love the word “pearl” in a tea name)

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Jasmine Reverie

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Ellyn select said

Jasmine’s secret garden (a play on words).

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ashmanra said

Jasmine Dreams

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Oriental Jasmine.

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Thank you for all the suggestions. I will keep this contest open til tomorrow afternoon.
Just a suggestion: 2 words name will work best since in total after adding “Matcha” to it, it will be 3 words. Marketing has shown that the shorter the name the better :-)

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