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Matcha Latte Mix update.
Just wanted to let you know that I have all 3 samples ready to go, but decided to make 1 more. I have ordered some new ingredients that will come to me next Tuesday. If anyone is in a hurry, let me know and I’ll ship the 3 promised samples today, if not, please wait and I will get 4 of them shipped next week. Sorry for the delay, last minute improvements, but I think you will love it. Last Saturday, my family and I were testing some samples and I think I had a few too many, could not fall a sleep till 4am, but it was worth it.
I’m really excited about this new product!!!

Sil select said

yay! i’m happy to wait, whatever works best for you since this is to help you :) Excited to try them though

ashmanra said

I will wait, too! Looking forward to trying them!

I’m moving on the 25th! So its either ship now or wait until at minimum the 26th :\

yappychappy: up to you, both options are ok with me. Give me your order # and which option you want and I’ll do it for you.

momo said

I was having them sent to my parents’ house since I’ll be there all of next week, but I think it might be better to have them switched back to my usual address, I’ll pop an email over.

can you go ahead and ship? i’m moving around a lot after i move to atlanta for a bit. sry
Azzrian said

Happy to wait until all is ready. :)

yappychappy: Just give me your order # and I’ll ship it today. I can not find your order by your screen name :-(

teapot1 said

I’m happy to wait, AND super eager to sample…

Order #2178. I thought I had posted this sorry!
And ya I wish I could wait too :(


I’m just curious, if I wanted to place an order before you ship the samples out, could my order be added to that shipment that I already paid the postage for? If not, totally understandable, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check. I’d be ordering one or two of the smaller sizes of matcha. I’m not trying to be cheap, it’s just that shipping to Canada isn’t cheap so I figured why not ask just in case!

whatshesaid: I’ll do an exception for one of our Steepster friends.

I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am! How should I go about this?
Thank you so much

whatshesaid: place an order and in notes give me the order number you want to combine with this one and once I ship it and know the full shipping fee, I will issue the refund.

Emailed you through your website! Thanks :)

whatshesaid: got it. email sent back :)

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New product- 20 different types of tea – sampler. 3-10g each.
This is available ONLY today to our Steepster friends by this link below.
I only have 4 packs right now, but more are on the way, so the first 4 orders will get it right away. Rest in about 2 weeks. I will make it available to the public in upcoming days. Hope you like it.


Sil select said

oooh nice!

Very nice. Great idea. There really is no sampler for trying all sorts of different types of tea combined into one package and this comes close.

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I’m thinking of a new contest for our new product – Green tea latte mix.
Similar product – Starbuck’s Frappuccino(unsweetened, no whip cream, size 12oz, 2% milk) has 230 calories. Guess how many calories, same size, our product will have.
The person with the closest number wins a price: Small size of our new product with any flavor.

Azzrian said


Lala said


Sil select said


Oh, common… We are not miracle workers… :-)
We can not change formula to go down from 230 to only 12 or 27. That would be too good to be true. The mix itself has a lot less than 230, but remember, that the final product, for comparison to frappuccino has some sugar and milk in it..
HINT: think of a number between 150 and 200.


Azzrian said

OKay then lol 169 :) I just remembered how I went too high on the flavored matcha

Alphakitty said


Sil select said


Babble said


Donna A said


teapot1 said



ashmanra said



Lala said



infused1 said



Emily M said


Cavocorax said

171 (Sorry – each time I pick one I realise someone else has it!)

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145 :)

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Melissa1 said


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Stephanie: check the hint in the message above your answer ;-) You may want to adjust your number.

lol, thanks! I lose! Ummm, 177!

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Chuckieroy said


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MissLena said

165 :)

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I’ll keep the contest open till tomorrow afternoon and announce the winner later that day.

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