Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Can I ask for your help to get more votes?

ashmanra said


Voted too

Thank you for the votes.

ashmanra said

Don’t forget, everyone! We can vote once each day! Click the link and vote again! :)

Breleigh said


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Post 1:
For those that received latest shipment of matcha tea samples, when you are ready please fill out the form on this page:
Some of the samples are from our existing products and other are new. I’m trying to see which samples of new products are close to current selection so that I could match it taste wise and see which company offers better value. If all works out well, I should be able to offer unflavored matcha teas at much better price. Unfortunately that will not be a case for flavored matcha since price of flavor went up 60%!!! :-(

I’ve tried 3 of the matchas so far! I’ll fill out the form when I’m done! :-)

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Post 2:
In search for features for my site that my customers would like to see added, I would like to post a contest for best ideas/changes to my site.
You can suggest any feature you’d like to see added to our website. The best idea will win a mystery box full of matcha products, worth over $150!!! 2nd price will be picked at random, worth over $50 in mystery matcha products.
Below you will find the link for the page. It will be open till Friday.

We have 2 winners:
1. Jenn P
2. Ashley S
Please contact me with your address so that I can ship the winning price :-)

Cavocorax said

Woohoo! I just sent you a message through the Red Leaf Contact Page. :) (And I was just complaining about running out of matcha!)
Thank you!

Sil select said

Way to go you two! Congrats!

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Just checking if everyone got their matcha samples yet and how is the testing going?

ashmanra said

I am newly done! I have been testing them whisked hot first, then in a latte. I am keeping a little notebook on them!

I received them and am a little more than halfway through. Once a week I comparee around 4 of them. When I’ve tried them all, I’m going to compare my favorites. I’m actually logging my notes on Steepster under the heading “Matcha Sample”.

dwmshunt said

I should be finished by the end of the weekend. We were out of town when the samples came in the mail, so it’s taking me a little longer. Almost there!

I’ve been out of town, but I hope to get started on them Monday.

Kissadilla said

I have also been out of town, but I finally picked up my matcha at the PO today and I’ll start cracking down on it first thing in the morning. :)

ashmanra said

Sent! It is really hard to put a suggested price on each one because honestly if I don’t LOVE it I will not buy it even if it is selling for $2 a pound. But I tried to make my prices reflect how willing I would be to purchase it! If I don’t like a matcha, it gets to be Easter Egg dye!

Kissadilla said

I’m having trouble recommending prices as well because I am unfamiliar with matcha pricing. Could I maybe get a ballpark range/oz from someone?

That is such a good idea, I was wondering what to do with the ones I couldn’t see myself drinking again.

I’m about 1/3 of the way through the samples. I should be able to finish up by Wed/Thurs.

ashmanra said

Kissadilla: I have bought really decent green tea powder from Taiwan for $8 an ounce. The kaimatcha and a couple of other good, plan matcha have cost $30 an ounce almost without fail! These are the ones that have great color and a smooth vegetal taste without bitterness. I know that there are really high grades that cost over a hundred dollars an ounce but I have never tried them. I would say a really good matcha tends to run $30 an ounce.

Sorry for late help here, but the whole week I had problems with my computer and now I’m trying to catch up.
If you are not sure what amount to enter for the matcha tests, just enter 0 if you feel you would not buy it. No reason to enter an amount you would not pay anyway. I’m just looking for honest opinion. There is more and more competition out there and I’d like your help staying in business by assessing the market and pricing. Hopefully when I get all the tests back, I’ll be able to readjust unflavored matcha pricing to make it cheaper.
So far I got 1 review back and it’s a bit funny to ready that some of the products have been rated much better than another sample that costs almost 3 times as much :-)
Looking forward to getting the rest of them. I will post all the results when it’s all done.

ashmanra said

Augh! I know that had to be me! Ha ha! But I even took notes throughout the tastings so I wouldn’t mix things up. Well, it is all about opinion!

Every supplier claims that their product is the best and offers the best deal, but ultimately, it’s the customer that will decided if the product is worth the asking price. That is why it’s so important to get honest opinion from someone that is NOT trying to sell it to you.
I appreciate all your opinions and comments very much.

I just did my questionnaire! Sorry it took song long. I wanted to do a decent comparison!

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Lala said

Just got my most recent order. I love the new re-sealable packaging! Can’t wait to try the unflavoured MATCHAccino.

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New promotion – FREE Caramel Matchaccino!!!
Here’s how to get your full size Caramel Matchaccino (standard options):
1. If you have not tried it yet. Please order a sample here (only 1 cent):
2. If you have already tried it and loved it. Please do the following:
For SMALL SIZE ($13.99 value) post a short review/note to:
a) RedLeafTea
b) Steepster or any food blog (Add a link to the product)
c) 2 out of 3 below:

Amazon, Twitter (with link to the product), Facebook (with link to the product),
For LARGE SIZE ($29.99 value): Same as for Small Size but add photo of you drinking Matchaccino to Facebook post.
Once this is done, just send me links and I’ll send you a special link to your FREE Caramel Matchaccino (Shipping not included).
Let me know if you have any questions.

Oooh, nice! :)
My Amazon and Red Leaf reviews are completed but pending awaiting approval :)

ashmanra said

Wow, what a fantastic offer!
All done! I didn’t copy a link to your web site review, because I figure you have to see it already. If you need, I will copy and paste it, too! Thank you!

Thank you. Please let everyone know. I’m trying to spread the word to as many people as I can :-)

Sil select said

Hopefully i’ll have time to do this as i’d love to try it, but if not, i’ll still spread the word since that’s a fantastic deal!

Chizakura said

Does the mix contain dairy? And does this apply to Canadian shoppers too? :)

I don’t know how to link, but I have reviewed matchaccino on Steepster. I also just posted a review on Amazon under Nightshifter and to the RedLeaf site as well. I’m hoping to order more today also. :)

1. It’s best to email me the links to [email protected] so I can reply directly.
2. There is no dairy in the mix.
3. Product will be FREE, but you have to pay for the shipping (sorry) so any country will do, even Canada :-)
4. For links just add this link to your review.
Let me know if you have any questions.

I e-mailed you days ago but haven’t heard anything back yet. I had wanted to place an order when caramel matchaccino was on sale and was hoping to include this offer. Will it be on sale again soon?

Excellent deal, I emailed you yesterday.

Got many email with reviews. I’m catching up today on all of them. Hopefully I’ll have it ready today.

I guess I should email you!

I think I’m late to the game, but is this still going on?

It’s still ON. :-)

Awesome! I sent you an email with my links.

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I need big help.
Have you ever had a day when you not only had some bad luck, but you also added to it by screwing it up to a new level.
I got an order for custom Caramel Matchaccino made with lower end matcha to lower the cost (my first mistake). After all was done and packaged, the order was cancelled. In my “not so happy” phase, I put the “special” Matchaccino bags along with another order of Standard Caramel Matchaccino (my screw up).
Now I have about 100 small and 100 large size bags of Caramel Matchaccino and can not tell which is which.
I would hate to get rid all of it since it’s a good product. I can not sell it since some can be below the standard grade (that we’ll never do again!!). I need a way of using this product, even giving it away, as long as people know that some of it is a “special” blend.
Any ideas on how to use it?

Lala said

Add as a free sample to orders.

Or put a special on your website. “Screw up Sale”. Tell the story and sell the product at a discount on the site.

Uniquity said

Agreed. Also could be used as prizes for low key giveaways or something like that. I am sure there are many steepsterites who would like to buy or try it at a lower price even though it’s lower grade matcha. Heck, the only matcha I tried that I even liked was a caramel based one, so I would think the caramel can hide the ‘sins’ of lower grade matcha. :)

Oh man, that’s a huge bummer :(

The free sample added on to orders sounds like a good plan.

How bad is this lower grade matcha? I wonder if we could come up with some kind of cookie or cupcake recipe using Matchacinno mix? That might be fun :)

It’s not really bad at all. The color is not as green, and the lower grade matcha gives off a slight bitteress which can be solved by adding a bit more sugar. I think I may just give it all away with a note that the proper Matchaccino has better matcha in it. This way it would give a chance for some to try it, even if the product is not at it’s best.
Will you help me “promote” it?

Yeah, I bet we can find you some takers :) I know some people who would love to try it!

ashmanra said

Oh, I am so sorry to hear it! Maybe somehow it will turn around and some good will come of it! That is what I will be hoping for you!

Thats a LOT of Matchaccino waste :\ sorry for order cancel. I like both ideas, screw up sale and give away. How about a combo and have buy one get one at some ridiculous discount? 50%? 75%? I /may/ be saying that because i’m about to put in an order but..

Here it is, the Matchaccino with lower grade matcha. Actually you have a 50-50 chance of getting the lower grade, since it’s mixed with regular blend packaging and I can not tell which is which without destroying it all.
85% OFF
While supplies last. No limit on this. Get as much as you want. Please let others now as well on Facebook and Twitter. I need the room for a new batch.
For those that supplies links to Matchaccino review, my apologies for taking so long, I will start working on it as soon as I finish this post :-).

Frolic select said

I want to buy some of the “special blend” but the cheapest shipping is $9.99 even for the small package. This seems pretty high.

hey yea, I’m getting $9.99 shipping too, despite living in the US. When did the shipping go up? Before I’d spend around $3 to $4

You are correct. Let me check what’s going on…

I logged under my account and first class shipping is available for a bit over $3.
If you have any problems please send me an email so that I can log in under your name and see what happens.
Your screen name here will not help me find you in my system :-(

Note that if you are buying Large size, the shipping weight is over 2lbs and First Class works only up to 13oz, so you will only get a choice of Flat Rate or Priority.
If you purchase Small size, you should see First Class option.
Also, Large Matcha would be about 3-4oz to ship, Large Matchaccino is 32oz (2lbs) to ship. Maybe that’s where the confusion is.

email sent. Ah the weight must be it, the price is right with just a regular small matcha in the cart. Wow the matchaccino is heavy!

Frolic select said

I received my special order today but the bag was unsealed leading to an explosion of matcha all over my couch when I opened the envelope.

I sent an e-mail to you(redleaf) but i wanted everyone else to be very careful opening their envelopes and hopefully avoid my disappointment.

Luckily I was able to salvage one cup which will be much needed today.

ashmanra said

Mine and Sandy’s came but they seem okay. Was it the heat seal strip at the top where it exploded? I just gave mine some generous tugs and they stayed shut.

Frolic select said

Yeah I think it’s called the heat seal, It’s the part above where the little notch to tear the package open is. It was a giant green powered explosion.

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Matcha Test Review.
So far I only got 4 review out of 11 shipped. Any chance to get the rest by the end of next week?

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1. I’m still missing a few matcha reviews. Please note that if I do not get your review, you will not be able to enter into future deals.
2. Based on my testing and your reviews of the samples I have already made some changes to our pricing. You’ll be glad to know that all our unflavored matcha teas have been discounted. Thank you for all your help.
Classic Matcha (30g) from $11.99 to $7.99
Royal Matcha (30g) from $14.99 to $9.99
Imperial Matcha (30g) from $19.99 to $14.99
Connoisseur Matcha (30g) from $29.99 to $19.99
Emperor Matcha (30g) from $39.99 to $29.99
About 30% OFF on all of them :-)

yay! I’m glad my reviews helped!

Hope you get the rest of the reviews you’re looking for. Next time I might give reviewing a try since I want to get into Matcha more.

Kissadilla said

So sorry for the delay, I had some life events happen. I will finish up the pricing and it shall be done!

Just got 3 more. Thank you.

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Best offer yet- FREE MATCHA.
Just wanted to make sure all post followers get a chance to see this.

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