Today's Red Leaf Tea Special

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Tiramisu! Creme Brulee! Maraschino Cherry! Omg. I’m sure I will be too broke to make back-to-back orders, but the new flavours sound exciting.

Oh, and I wanted to thank you for adding Amaretto to the 2-in-1 flavours. I wasn’t sure if I could reply to your email or not…

I asked ’cuz I wanted to make an Amaretto Cherry combo at some point, but I guess Cheesecake will be first!

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Sil select said

would love cookies and cream, coffee, black cherry….

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2 questions:
1. I’m working on a deal set up for matcha:
Buy 3 get 1 FREE
Buy 5 get 2 FREE
Buy 10 get 5 FREE
Large size (60g) of any flavored matcha.
You are my marketing team. Do you think this will sell or am I just wasting my time?
2. I have just made a contact with a new Matcha supplier that has low quality, low price matcha for sale.
Would you be interested in lower grade matcha if that lowered the price of flavored matcha? Price for this would probably go as low as $11.
What your vote?
Lower Price or Highier Quality.

1. I think if the Buy “X” get “Y” FREE applies to various flavors, then yes. I’d probably plunk down the money to get a free large matcha flavor of my choosing!

2. In my opinion, my tastebuds are not as refined as many others, so I would probably welcome a lower grade of matcha – especially if I’m just covering it up with robust flavoring on my orders anyway. lol

Azzrian said

I would not go lower grade – your company offers such excellent matcha even at the starter grade and I would hate to see you taint your quality with a lower grade. Especially since new customers may not quite understand the differences in grades and if they don’t like their first try (if at the lower grade) they may not come back!
Unless of course it is very very good even at the lower grade.
I hope that made sense.

On the sale – Personally I like more variety in flavors so always buy the 30g unless it is one I am going to keep as a staple. I would be more inclined to like this offer if it was at 30g not 60 as I am assuming you would have to buy 3 60g to get 1 60g free.

I would think the BXGY deal would work up until B10G5 – that’s a LOT of matcha, like a crazy amount. Maybe I’m wrong and you’re basing this on people making multiple large tin orders before, but ending up with 15 tins of matcha seems a little nuts to me.

Sil select said

I can’t see doing this with the larger matcha sizes, and as others mentioned, I’m assuming it’s applicable to whatever flavour. I’m also on side with Azzrian in terms of the matcha quality. Haven’t had any yet, but I’m find with spending a bit more for quality. Though if the lower grade is still “good” then go for it!

15 tins of 30g matcha would be more than awesome….15 tins of 60 grams is a bit much heh.

ChaMei select said

I always go for the best value so I wouldn’t mind choosing the ‘pay 10, get 5 free’ (25% off). I am basing my confidence on other people’s reviews; in lieu of that, I prefer to have option of affordable sampling. I love your freebie offer allows mix of flavors since 30 oz of just one would be a lot even if I really loved it.

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Just had lemon ice tea and loved it! :)

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Cookies and Cream!

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momo said

Dang, if I had voted for Bavarian Cream more often, I could have been the swing voter.

Answering everything else: yes obviously BC should be the flavor next week ;D

For the new one, jeez, so many..I know I didn’t help with that lol. Since creme brulee was one of my suggestions, I’ll go with that!

And the newer questions
1. I think at least buy 3, get 1 free would work. The others just seem like way too much at once. I mean it might be worth offering it just in case someone is up for it, but for me, I couldn’t pull it off. And not even based on funds!

2. I’m kind of on the other side of everyone else on the cheaper matcha. I’d think of it as one you could sell for the purpose of baking. When I came up with my list of ideas for flavors, I had been looking through what people put matcha in on tastespotting. I don’t have the food blogger “clout” to really work that one out, like get the word out to people with serious hits; I don’t know how appreciated it’d be to email them about say the free matcha deal in regards to it, but I could see using a much cheaper matcha for things like cookies, cakes, breads, etc, rather than the ones I already have with the starter matcha even.

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DaisyChubb said

My vote is for Black Cherry!
My goodness, I’m drooling already…

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Azzrian said

Today I am voting Caramel Corn. Although I would not be unhappy with about 90% of the flavors being offered – I want them online to buy NOW! lol

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White chocolate! Ooooh yeah!

But yeah, all look amazing and I will love any of them onsale!

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Alphakitty said

I am still voting for Tiramisu! I’ve actually been dreaming of a tea with that flavor haha

Also, will the Bavarian Cream be on sale for the full weekend like Cheesecake?

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