Who are your favorite steepsterers to follow?

Sorry if this has been asked before… but who are your favorite steepsterers you like to follow… those that have the best, most informative and entertaining tasting notes?

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Angrboda said

I don’t actually really bother with ‘following’ since I tend to read off the all recent page instead of the dashboard, but a few names do stand out, so I shall spread some ♥

Off the top of my head and in no particular order of priority,

Auggy, because she’s my taste twin and has become a good friend to me.

JacquelineM, because she taught me the good trick of adding a chopped up vanilla pod to otherwise boring tea to spruce it up a bit. Or even to some good tea to make it better, and generally starting me on this whole vanilla obsession as of late.

Autumn Hearth and Spoonvonstup, for sending me a whole little green tea education (which I really must get back to as soon as I’ve got a new small pot!) and a Jin Jun Mei education respectively.

SimplyJenW, for sharing my love of all things Tan Yang.

And all the rest, just for being around, for generosity towards me and others and all that stuff. :D

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SimplyJenW said


After reading here a while, you can usually find a group of people that like similar teas to you….those are who I read the most. I also don’t follow very many tea companies as I am more interested in what the average drinker has to say. I will follow people who post regularly, though.

(Mmmmm. I need Tan Yang for my breakfast tea today, now!)

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Epi Tea said

I think whats great about steepster and tea in general, is that everyone has different favorites and different opinions about all sorts of things. Each person adds yet another type of flavor to the tea drinker’s table, and can introduce you to a tea or an idea that you may not have thought of otherwise.

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I’ve begun following most people I am following because we’ve partaken in a swap or something.There are a couple that really stand out, but I read nearly all reviews from everyone I follow unless its really not a tea I am interested in. It’s fun to see how two review for one tea can be so diffirent.
Unfortunetly reviews usually make me spend more money rather than less.

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Bonnie said

I initially picked people who didn’t have a big following but wrote well so that I could understand and learn from what they were saying about tea. I also picked people who had a variety of tea’s in their cupboard. As people followed me, I followed them back also.
I follow newbies, and old timers to keep things well rounded. I like to send out samples to people who never have had much loose leaf tea. I don’t swap much, can’t afford the post.

Emilie said

I just want to say that your notes are some of my favorite to read. And when I first started out here and with tea in general, you sent me an amazing envelope of teas I’d never heard of and I really appreciate that you do that for people!

Bonnie said

It’s my pleasure to share. Thank you Emilie!

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gmathis said

So far, I haven’t found anybody here who wasn’t fascinating in one way or another! Some of y’all are measured, scientific, careful, and consistent in your descriptions and ratings—-then there are those flighty, ADD, slightly wacky reviewers that compare their teas to colors, flannel shirts and other dirty laundry, and TV characters. I fall firmly in the second camp, but I admire both!

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I follow people who post about teas relevant to my interests, so there are alot of locals on my list as initially that included Davids tea, Teaopia and the other local vendors.
Now that I’ve ordered a few online and participated in swaps I focus on those vendors which are higher quality or more accessible. (ie not so much the small-town shops, even though I know I should… one day when I can afford it!)
Through this, I’ve found some fave Steepsters. The one that really sticks out in my mind is Bonnie, with her lyrical writing and vibrant personality, I enjoy every single review!
There are many others, some of which have already posted in this thread! :)

Bonnie said

Oh I-Bloom…now I’ll have to be your grandma! That’s so nice! Thank you!

<3<3<3!! you are most welcome Bonnie. I’d be proud to have you as my G’Mama!

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Azzrian and TeaEqualsBliss both for sure. Though there are a ton of wonderfully insightful tea drinkers on here that I have probably yet to encounter! Those two really came to mind though.

Awwww thanks :) HUGS!

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Azzrian said

Aweee thank you Meowkattack!
I enjoy something different out of each person I follow.
It depends on my mood or how much time I have as much as anything.
Some people write longer reviews that are imaginative and creative, others long reviews that are more technical, while others are very to the point, some are funny, etc and so on. There is something wonderful about each one for different reasons. :)

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Babble said

I enjoy when people incorporate aspects of their daily life into their tasting notes. It makes it feel a little more personal. Like, “I’m drinking this green tea right now, because I got a raise at work.” … or something to that affect.

I admit, though, that I have a hard time keeping up with my dashboard at times, and sometimes just read individual reviews for teas.

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