Who are your favorite steepsterers to follow?

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Hrmmm… so many good folks to choose from. In no particular order:

Azzrian, who is just an absolute gem;
Indigobloom who put together the biggest shared order of tea in history, and deserves eternal thanks;
SimpliciTea for his in depth, very articulate, and far too infrequent reviews;
Bonnie, who should really be telling her stories around a tea campfire;
Ashmanra, who throws honest-to-goodness tea parties;
Angrboda, who walks the perfect line between technical and entertaining, and should be a role model for any potential tea reviewer;
Daisychubb for her pure enthusiasm;
LiberTeas for her huge breadth of experience;

There are just far too many great folks on this site to keep listing them off, so I think I’ll stop there :)

Azzrian said

Thank you! And I know right – I began to start a longer post myself naming names then realized its far too difficult and would take far too long. Everyone is so wonderful here. :)

turns red
Awwww Dylan! LOL Thanks for the mention. You are so sweet!!

Aww… shucks. You flatter me. Thank you. I enjoy your notes as well, because you have a humor and add such an interesting personal element to it, I enjoy reading about a tea through your experience with it.

Angrboda said

Oh thank you, you are kind. :) Really, I just babble off whatever is in my head. :)

Bonnie said

Aw…It was a dark and stormy night…and we were all gathered around the campfire up in the woods with our mugs of Chai….wolves howling in the mist…when all of a sudden…

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Angrboda was one of the first Steeperites I started following and was my first swap partner and I am ever so grateful to her for allowing me to try Verdant’s Taiwanese Orchid Oolong as well as some lovely European blends! I am very fond of her writing style “Says I” :)

I also love reading Bonnie s stories, her memories, Colorado cuisine and landscape, local tea house trips, and her frequent tips and tricks (like washing your hands in the rinse). She also usually gets some of the same Verdant teas while I’m waiting for mine.

I love seeing what all AmyOh is drinking in any given day and put many of the teas she reviews on my Shopping List.

Likewise for Kittenna who seems to always be distracted and accidentally oversteeping tea which for some reason I find very endearing ;)

I like seeing Missy and Dylan s different observations on the same tea.

Azzrian s matcha reviews have been making me drool for months though I only recently started following her

And though their tasting notes are fewer a farther between I love seeing Spoonvonstup and David Duckler post as I get such insight into tea culture, history, landscape and personal tea stories that enhance my drinking experience.

I have recently discovered the recent reviews page and trying to shift to looking at that rather than the dash so I can find new people, new teas and new companies.

SimpliciTEA is also a great detailed reviewer but apparently hasn’t posted in 2 months! Hope you are on a lovely vacation or otherwise enjoying yourself!

I miss reading Cheryl s tea journey as well!

And where on Earth is Ian ? I miss his youthful energy!

Okay I swear I’m done, the more people I include the more I feel I’ excluding others and I really do enjoy sharing with you all !

I too have missed Ian. I hope all is well with him.

Angrboda said

I was happy to oblige. :) Thank you. :)

Bonnie said

Thanks and what an encouragement to tell stories. And I’ll have to shoot young Ian a note too. He’s busy beginning school no doubt. (Maybe he had a girlfriend…who knows)

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I enjoy everyone’s tasting notes … what really piques my interest is when I find a new-to-me tea company or a tea I haven’t tried … especially something unusual. Those are the tasting notes that really grab my interest.

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Some amazing, thoughtful lists here! I didn’t expect such answers! :D

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