Tea buying hiatus :(

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You know, I put myself on tea buying hiatuses all the time … they never work.

This is me. LOL. I am limiting myself mostly to samples right now…but the samples sometimes turn into tins.

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gmathis said

Someday—this is an inspiration from SimplyJenW, I would like to pare things down to a good solid “library” of basics and just fluff things up with bits and samples from swaps and bargains.


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oh my yes, I hear you!! I am on hiatus now as well. One order per quarter, and one tea per month is my ration. Not easy but… well my wallet demands it lol
Well, I am thinking about a Matcha order next month. It’s a different category, I haven’t got enough just yet to balance out my stash!

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Bonnie said

I don’t swap much tea and I have a budget that’s pretty slim. I just bought a stash to last awhile because my blog is going to take off pretty soon and I needed some tea to review (duh). One thing about Steepster is that if you have limited funds, you can read reviews and be pretty confident that you’re not going regret a purchased tea later on. The pleasure drinking tea and the hospitality we share in this community is a huge return for the small investment we make.

Sil select said

would love a link to your blog to read if you’re sharing :)

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Helena said

I use steepster to try and make sure I’m picking tea that I should like. Well this may not always work, it does help. My Mom said “no one in this family is allowed to buy tea until we drink the stuff we already have” I guess it would be a bad time to tell her that I have another order from Verdant Tea and one order from Teavivre coming…. However I did order that before she said it so technically off the hook :D

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Feltbeat said

Well, if you would ever like to send away some tea, I am always looking to try new kinds. (;

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Saryn said

My Aunt wants me to stop buying teas (I live in her house, and my teas are in the cupboard she can’t reach/doesn’t use but apparently I’m ‘shoving all her stuff to one side’. :\) so I’ve taken to hiding new purchases downstairs around my computer, and swapping them in when they’re out of the house!

I am starting to narrow down some favorites, though. I’ve upgraded to tins of Teaopia’s Creamed Earl Grey and Mudslide, and I’ve still got that tin of Bourbon Vanilla I was less than impressed with.

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