Anyone know if any chai with chile exists?

I’m looking for a chai with chile… anyone know if there are any out there? thanks

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Cedes said

Davids tea has a chocooate chili chai tea. But its a online exclusive.

That one looks GOOD… on to the shopping list it goes!

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Spot52 select said
I keep wanting to try this one.

That looks good too!

Babble said

I’ve never heard of teapigs before but they have such a cute website. How neat to choose your tea by mood!

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Uniquity said

It’s not a chai, but Della Terra Teas lists a Chili Chocolate Truffle with chilies.

That sounds good too, but I had the idea of a chai with chili this morning!

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52teas has a Mayan Chocolate Chai that I’m fond of, it’s a chai with chocolate and chili flavors. Just the right amount of kick to not be overpowering.

If you want a super spicy chai, I’d recommend the Spicy Seattle Chai from MarketSpice. It’s a pepper spice, not a cayenne spice, but it is SPICY!!

James R said

That mayan one looks amazing! I’ve always steered away from chocolate in my tea, never been a big fan of the comibination but that does look really tasty

The Mayan Chocolate Chai is sosogood. Probably my favourite chai that I’ve tried. I’m not big on chocolate teas either, but I really don’t notice the chocolate in this one at all, in the scent or taste. It’s just a delicious, spicy, well-balanced chai.

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