Epi Tea said

Help us pick our next blend

We’re taking the decision of what our next tea should be to the tea drinker.

What better way to share your ideas than with pictures? In line with our goal of making Epi Tea a true social tea company, we’ve just made a new Pinterest Board for tea drinkers to share what tea they would like to see in a pyramid sachet through pictures!

We would have prefered to make the board open to the public, but they only allow us to add people who are following at least one of our boards to the “creators” list.

To pin your tea ideas to our board follow Epi Tea on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/EpiTea/

What tea would you like to see in a Pyramid Sachet?:

Thank you Steepster,
Kyle R.

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Lynxiebrat said

Have you advertised on facebook? As for ideas……lol not a clue!

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