So whats Next for The Tea Merchant??

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The Tumbler will be a mix of materials but it will be double walled BPA free plastic for the durability with some silicone on the outside for more style. Its going to look great!

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CK select said

The tumbler sounds good, I’ll definitely want to check it out when you get it on kickstarter.

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So I think i will start a new thread for this as awesome stuff coming you guys will love! Free raffle giveaways, a look at my first prototype rendering (prototype coming next week) and heading out to NY for the Tea and Coffee expo where you can check out the prototype in person!

But heres a link anyways to the first rendering of the tea tumbler that has a built in infuser you don’t have to take out to stop steeping or to drink!

Lynxiebrat said

Interesting looking…A few questions:
What water capacity will it be? About the steeping, is there a wall that you can put down so the tea doesn’t get bitter with on going exposure with the leaves? And how hot can it maintain? Or cold for that matter? Will you develop any other colors? How much will it cost? Does your company accept gift credit cards, such as Visa as payment?

Sorry if that seems like alot of questions…. :)

teapot1 said

Good job, Lynxiegrl! You covered all my questions and then some:).

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Great questions!
It will hold 16 ounces of fluid. For the steeping the infuser can be pulled from the bottom of the container to up inside the lid (out of the fluid) to stop the steeping process, and it is of a shape so when you drink water does not come in contact with the infuser. So you have 100% control of steeping time without having to take off the lid or remove the infuser!
It is double walled BPA free plastic with silcone on the outside for texture and style it should maintain a hot or cold temperature for about 4 hours. Though i will be testing this next week for exact numbers. I will be developing more colors! in fact i already have 2 other color versions and also have a few other bottle designs as well. Right now i’m shooting for a $24.99 though it may go up to $29.99 retail price. I’m having a kickstarter in April and you will be able to get one for $20 with shipping/tax included, plus other cool rewards!
My first prototype is being shipped tomorrow so i will have some real pictures soon, plus some pictures that better explain how it works. But right now i’m just trying to get to the out about it for the kickstarter, i honestly think you all will love this!

And yes we do accept visa/mastercard gift cards, for the kickstarter Amazon handles the pledges and they accept all major credit cards as well, and their will be international shipping.

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Dustin said

Updates! Updates! What is happening with the tumbler? Did I miss the kickstarter? Is it in production? If not, do you know when? I’m dying to get a super awesome travel tumbler!

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NO you did not!

I made the change to a glass tumbler and that added some unforeseen complications. That said 2nd prototype is done and i’m just making some slight improvements, after which i’ll start the Kickstarter. So look for it in about 2 weeks!

Yay!!!! So glad it’s going to be glass. Can’t wait to see the prototype!

Dustin said

Wonderful! I’ll be waiting anxiously!

I want in on that kickstarter too!

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Just started a new post, but the final prototype has been completed! Go check out the new discussion to see a quick video of it in action and some pictures!!! I’ll start work on the kickstarter video next week.

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