ARE these or AREN'T these Vegan?

Thought this might be a good place to start an Are These/Aren’t These Vegan Thread. If you have a specific Tea that you are question add it below and fellow Steepsters and/or Tea Companies themselves can let us know their findings.

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S’Mores by Della Terra Teas? I see they use Mini Marshmellows – I always think ALL Marshmellows HAVE gelatin (unless they specifically say VEGAN Marshmellows) in them but perhaps I should ask instead of avoiding them, ya know?

I know Frank at 52 Teas has made the switch to Vegan whenever possible…who else has? I know Stacy at Butiki IS Vegan so all her teas are which is super cool, too!

Della Terra or DT Fans – what do you know about these? Vegan or NOT Vegan Mini Marshmellows? Thanks!

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Hello TeaEqualsBliss! The S’mores tea we have available right, the marshmallows are not vegan. However, we have had a large amount of requests for some vegan teas, so our current plan is to offer some of our teas in a vegan alternative. So basically, we would have our S’mores tea available in vegan and non-vegan marshmallows! That will be in the short term future. We love hearing what you, our customers and friends love and we love to help in any way we can! Our fellow Steepsters always have the best ideas/opinions!

Thank you so very much for this response! Thanks so much for looking into an alternative in the future! You are wonderful!

I received your Eight Candles in a Christmas Swap – these Marshmallows are NOT vegan either, right? Also…any word on the progress of the vegan teas, by chance!? Thanks so much!

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Love this thread :)

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Thanks for the mention! All teas & sugar are 100% vegan. We are very thorough. Fruits added to blends do not contain any added sugar or preservatives, which could potentially be not vegan. We make sure there are no dyes. All flavorings are vegan and gluten-free. We are currently working on some teas that would be very difficult to find vegan. As always, any suggestions are more than welcome.

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RED LEAF TEA – Which of your matchas are/aren’t Vegan???

I forgot to post this…I heard back from RLT a while ago and he says to his knowledge the matchas are gelatin-free!

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