Where the free tea at?

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Angrboda said

Ignore him, guys. He’s just a troll. Jason has been notified.

momo said

That makes two emails actually :D

Alphakitty said

Indeed, don’t feed the trolls!

Angrboda said

Great minds think alike. :)

Sare said

I went ahead and emailed also … I am new to tea and even though my sister knows a lot about it i wanted more and even though its nice to trade and get free tea i find the Friendships i have made on here is better then that!

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Haha. What an idiot. Apparently somebody isn’t getting the attention he needs in his own wittle circles. Poor wittle baby.
Can I change my name to Lunatic Tea Freak Cow?!? Moooo

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Babble said

I know he’s a troll, but does anyone else find this kinda sad? It’s not a guy with an up-and-coming blog with a couple posts. It’s someone who made many webisodes, which take a lot of work. We’re the exact kind of audience he would want. So why would he come in here, insult us, and then leave? It doesn’t make sense. Was he maybe hacked?

Rellybob said

I was wondering if he was hacked as well

DaisyChubb said

It’s not the first time they have come and trolled the boards – don’t worry, they are definitely not hacked.

Babble said

Ugh, seriously. When else have they trolled? And they complain about us having no life – LOL!

Angrboda said

Rachel, would you follow me please? I will pm you some details, but I find myself reluctant to do so in public and create even more attention for him in this thread.

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It is a bit odd, if they really do tea blogs or whatever. Steepster seems like a bunch of tea drinkers not to alienate…

You would thing so.

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Jason admin said

I’m gonna lock this for now since it has developed into a negative thing. The original post is not presented in the nicest, most friendly way possible, and we done condone attacks of any kind against the users themselves, on either side. We can all debate tea and how it relates to our lives without criticizing the person for their opinions.

Thank you to all the individuals who brought this issue to our attention.

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