Tea Party Giveaway! Mountain Grown Ceylon Black Tea from Elephant Chateau

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I’ll bite. I’m following you now.

ECT said

Great! Your #5, I’ll pm you.

I’ll try pretty much any tea once. Let me give it a shot!

ECT said

Great Shanie, let us know what you think. (#6)

I received the sample! Thanks very much. (Guys, the ‘sample’ is a 50gram bag! Plenty to experiment with.)

ECT said

Glad to hear you got it, hope you enjoy!

I have a question: The giveaway says it’s for the ‘Flowery Royal Black’ but it looks like the label on my bag says ‘Ceylon Special leaf’?

ECT said

Yes, the sample packs have a generic label on them but the tea is the flowery royal black.

So the tea I received was the Flowery Royal Black? This is confusing.

ECT said

Yes, correct. I’m actually having some right now on my tea break :)

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