Share Your Tea Organizing Secrets

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yssah said

i started to list my tea samples by swapper, then by company, then by base, but got tired of typing or copying the same teas repeatedly so i thought why not tag them like a blog post and am fiddling a bit with asana.

for samples I just thank the swappers privately, then sort by base and scented/flavored blends and straight up teas. I also have a box separate for unflavored samples that I have already reviewed.

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I mostly have mine sorted by type.

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Will said

I use a spreadsheet (in Google docs) for pu’er cakes (which aren’t as easy to label as other things).

For the rest of the stuff, most of my tea is in stacking plastic bins, either in canisters or in good quality storage bags. I keep samples and very small quantities together (subdivided by type), and then larger bags together.

My biggest suggestion is label everything with the tea’s name, date of harvest (if you have it), when you acquired it, and where you acquired it from. I use a labeler for this.

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I just reorganized my teas. I put them in plastic containers. Picture here:

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Unorganized, Teas all over the house in the bed on the dresser in the car i have a tearoom for them but they just wont stay in there

Kittenna said

I know what you mean….

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I just bought some very cute tea tins from World Market for only $3 each. They also have chalkboard stickers, which I’m going to use to label the tins. Where I’m going to put them is still under scrutiny — I live in a converted warehouse and we do not have cabinets or a traditional kitchen area. I need to set up shop in some corner and make a tea area! Ooh… new weekend project, after I get my tea organized into tins.

With chalkboard stickers on them? That’s nifty. Where in the store did you find them? Or do they sell them on their website?

I found them near the front, by the jars and canning area. They had a choice of shapes and they even came with a little chalk to write with. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they are super cute!

I’ll definitely have look for them if I go there anytime soon. Lol.

Sorry, I misunderstood and was not clear! The tea containers and stickers are sold separately — I’m going to use the chalkboard stickers on the tins. The tins were near tea/coffee ware and the stickers were by the canning/jars area.

Lol. I’ll just have to look for both then. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hey everyone! Checkout this website. I was looking for a way to keep track of all my teas besides on here and having my phone on me all the time I thought why not an app. Here is a review of 10 various apps. I ended up using the last one he talks about:) hope you enjoy!

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