Newbies to Steepster who want to jump right in and make friends!

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Ninavampi said

Great idea! Welcome to the new Steepterites! Hope you are here to stay! :)

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I just joined steepster the other week. My first impressions of tea derived from jasmine tea (hated iiiit) as a youth because of my parents. Recently, I decided to make the executive decision to wean myself away from coffee and to tea. Hopefully this will work to my advantage since I’m a senior at college this year.

I mostly drink black teas, oolongs and chais. I seem to have poor experiences with white, green, and tisane teas, probably because I guess the water temperature, throw tea in, and hope for the best. The result is generally mediocre which causes me to throw in ridiculous amounts of sugar/milk in the hopes to salvage my drink.

I’ve just recently starting looking for teas online; sadly, my city doesn’t have a specialty tea store yet. I started with adagio teas (I was surprised with the ‘fandom’ blends), teavana (never again), and finally found a local tea place (Tin Roof Teas, super cute place) an hour away from my school for my tea needs. I’m hoping to try new teas and am currently eying the tea swap but my tea stash is still quite small.

I hope to learn more about the wonderland of teas from the members here! :)

Bonnie said

Don’t give up, we’re a great group and welcome. Might help if you do a bio so we know where you are. Sometimes there are people not far away who know resources in the area or who swap tea close by. I’ve done this with people in the Colorado area and had fun. Look for people offering samples and companies with free tea giveaways.

“Never again” hahah I hear ya!
Welcome :)

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Hello everyone. I joined steepster about a month ago. I mostly drink Japanese teas, and like to read the discussions. I also have a blog that I update every week,

Sil select said

Seems like thre were a bunch of us lurking for the past month or so haha welcome!

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Hi, my name is Rachel and I just stumbled on Steepster today when I was researching how to clean a Japanese teapot I found at the thrift store! I’m glad to be here. I am in my late 30s, I have a son who is about to turn 16, and I live with my partner in central Wisconsin. I love to read, crochet, and play my ukulele. I’ll be taking guitar lessons soon. I have a big collection of fitness and yoga DVDs and sometimes I even do them. :-) Along with all that, I love tea! I love the flavored blacks and greens, as well as English and Irish Breakfast. I think with my limited experience Harney & Sons is one of my favorite tea purveyors but I have only tried 5 or 6. I can’t wait to try some new ones. Nice to meet all of you!

Nice to meet you Rachel!
We can be ukulele buddies :D

Sil select said

Welcome aboard Rachel! Nice to meet you!

devvyleys said

Awesome! I crochet (used to teach), knit & uke too! Following you!

Missy said


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Awesome idea, TeaEqualsBliss! And welcome!

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I joined recently as well, and it’s been a blast to meet new people thus far. Awesome community! :)

Sil select said

Nice to meet you as well :)

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BxRizzle said

Hello! My name is Brittany. I’ve been exploring steepster for about a month now and finally decided it was time to start posting. Everyone here seems very knowledgeable and I look forward to learning about (and tasting) new teas!

Sil select said

welcome to the boards brittany!

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Azzrian said

Welcome to everyone introducing yourselves and to all those still lurking! Don’t be shy this is the friendliest forum I have ever belonged to which is refreshing having been witness to forum drama many MANY times!
Jump in say hello.
So many here happy to help share in your tea experience!

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Finn88 said

Hello everyone! I’m a 25 year old nurse from New Jersey. Very new to tea right now, basically have I started to become interested after a 99 year old woman at work attributed her almost perfect health to tea drinking. I never thought it would taste good as well :)

Sil select said

welcome! We were all newbies at some point, and a lot of us (myself included!) still are! Sharing here is a great place to start!

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jones5874 said

Hi all! I joined back in the spring and was active for a while and then got very busy. Hoping to jump back in soon to review some teas, but right now I will just briefly introduce myself.

I’m currently a graduate student living in the Northeast. Growing up I was lucky enough to live in at least a novice tea-drinking household; we always had a selection of Republic of Tea and of course various teabags. Genmaicha was probably my “gateway” tea, and when I got to college a local tea shop helped me expand my tea knowledge and appreciation.

Right now I drink mostly greens and oolongs, and am hoping to explore Dancong teas a bit more (suggestions?). And though I generally prefer unflavored teas, I do love chais and anything with spice. I look forward to learning from everyone here and sharing experiences of my own.

Welcome, wokeupfuzzy! I don’t know anything about Dancong teas but I’m sure someone here will. I also love spicy teas. A staple at my house is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice, also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset. You might like that one.

By the way, Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage was my gateway tea. It’s the first tea I ever tried and it’s what got me into tea in the first place! Nothing wrong with that!

Cody said

Hey, wokeupfuzzy! I’m getting into dan congs as well. Jing Tea has a pretty good one, called Autumn Phoenix, and Verdant’s Mi Lan Xiang was great. Tea Habitat is supposed to be renowned for their dan congs, but they’re not cheap. I’m hoping to try something from them eventually.

jones5874 said

Rachel – the Hot Cinnamon Spice sounds like something I would definitely enjoy, thanks for the suggestion!

Cody – I definitely like Verdant’s Mi Lan Xiang but have not tried any from either Jing or Tea Habitat. I’ve looked longingly at Tea Habitat’s website in the past but most of the tea is out of my price range. I’d like to try Jing also but I wish they offered more of their teas in 25g sizes. It’s hard to justify paying so much for 50g of a tea I might not even like. I look forward to hearing about other dan congs that you try!

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